When Do We Need A Database For Our App?

When Do We Need A Database For Our iOS App?

This lesson is the first in a series where we’ll end up building a simple chat app with a backend using Parse.

This video introduces why we need to think about using a backend and what our options are. We touch on using MySQL as a database for iPhone apps as well as iCloud/CloudKit briefly.

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18 responses to “When Do We Need A Database For Our App?”

  1. Kalid Jamie Avatar

    Awesome video. So far the only of its kind when it comes to answering my long-awaited question. Thanks mate.

  2. Julien Uriti Avatar

    Parse going to be delete , how interface we can use please?

  3. Adam S Avatar

    Never rely on free stuff, Parse is retiring in few months.

  4. YouTube Gear Avatar

    can you tell me :::: which language are use to create ios chat application

  5. Chris Beechey Avatar

    can you suggest something other than parse as the backend? since parse is shutting down in a few months?

  6. Charles Leota Avatar

    Thank you so much for making these tutorials. Def the best I have seen to date, very clear and precise. Well done and keep up the great work…

  7. Rahul Sondhi Avatar

    If I want a database, how much it's going to cost me. As I am completely new with this system

  8. Ghasem Tabatabaei Avatar

    Hey, Can you teach us a real chat application like WhatsApp, Kik, or so?

  9. Jister Avatar

    How would this app perform if it were being used by millions of users per second?

  10. slaction Avatar

    Love your videos!  Thanks for posting.

  11. Gileantanis Avatar

    Great Swift lessons. keep up the gr8 work Chris!!!

  12. hassaan22 Avatar

    ugh! cannot wait for the Parse videos!!! Oh the anticipation!

  13. Napat Kulruchakorn Avatar

    I am learning swift to create an app for keeping and matching names to student's ID number in my school. This came just in time. I'm really looking forward to it Chris!

  14. CodeWithChris Avatar

    First in a series of lessons to build a simple chat app!
    When do we need to consider using a backend for our app?

  15. Martin Malmgren Avatar

    Hello Chris! I'm new to Swift and your lessons help me very much! I have a question, how do I make an imageView round? Please respond!

  16. George Poulos Avatar

    Can Parse handle a social media app with millions of daily users? Lets say Parse was used as the back end for twitter. Could it handle it? And what's the other option if not and/or it costs too much money to use Parse at that point?

  17. Mantas Bendinskas Avatar

    Just today i was thinking about data bases and you put this video… Thank you 🙂

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