Why Graphic Designers Need Contracts

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17 responses to “Why Graphic Designers Need Contracts”

  1. hazza designs Avatar

    Really informative video!! keep it up! 🙂

  2. Mashable Avatar

    I love your accent and voice 😀

  3. Hanin A.A Avatar

    Thank you so much for this video will, coz i'm about to start my own business and you've helped me so understand what contracts are

  4. Chris Ando Avatar

    how much the price of your drawing pad?

  5. SoullessAbandon Avatar

    Thanks! Nice and informative! It's surprising how many designers who don't have a contract in place. By the way, I really miss Creative Bar! Please can be have another episode soon?

  6. Mike Clancey Avatar

    Great video. Thanks for suggesting Shake. It's an amazing resource!

  7. Joy Chan Avatar

    I understand what contracts are now and am not so scared of them! Thanks, Will!

  8. ejpollo1 Avatar

    The enthusiasm and excitement in your voice really makes me feel pumped and excited for anything design. Love the videos man, very very helpful

  9. George Mariscal Avatar

    Thanks Will this was very helpful.

  10. Stance Mitchell Avatar

    Thanks for the inspiration

  11. Christos Ellinas Avatar

    niceee thank you! 😀

  12. Ike Bowen Avatar

    I love these videos. But will, how do you know what to write in contracts. Like how to word things and what terms are reasonable?

  13. Petr Lahodný Avatar

    Can I really make a living just from logo design?


    Alway use a contract it's protecting both parties, and even if you have a friend wanting work you have to use a contract. What to put is up to you and is going to change over time AIGA has a good sample contract that covers everything under the sun. But you can use what you like from it. If anything a contract is a show of good faith for both of you. Good video and as creatives we all need to be more professional, this helps create an expectation of us.

  15. yvie212 Avatar

    I got screwed over before because I thought they would pay me the full price without a contract but I was wrong from now on contract first or no work.

  16. Seane Clifton Avatar

    Do you have a sample of contract?

  17. Jignesh Dubariya Avatar

    Can you giveaway Dotted book because i cant find here in india

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