WiFi Wireless Security Tutorial – 3 – Enabling Monitor Mode

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20 responses to “WiFi Wireless Security Tutorial – 3 – Enabling Monitor Mode”

  1. REAL PEPE Avatar

    if wlan1mon has power management on is that bad

  2. mila Avatar

    when ever I put wlan0 into monitor mode I get disconnected from the network that i am on and cannot connect to any networks… n if i use airmon-ng to get into monitor mode network manager wont even detect my wifi card… !!!

  3. Ultimate Baadshah Avatar

    it show command not found and instead of # it show's $

  4. Jahangeer Khan Avatar

    I have ploblem that my laptop wifi no detect in chanel also sho about wlan0 and wlan1..but after type wlan1 hit enter not show in wifi channels in fluxion…plz help me about this….plzzz

  5. ₡∆££ ¥∆₥A Avatar

    my alfa card is detected by linux and all of these steps work and it's already in monitor mode. BUT when I go to either connect to an actual wifi network or run any tools, it just can't find any networks. the usb adapter CAN find networks in windows though. I'm going insane – does anyone have any advice for this issue??

  6. william butler Avatar

    Dear friend. Thank you for your time to upload this video. It was so much easier than the other crap I saw. Very simple and to the point. I am honored to subcribe to your channel. Happy Hacking!

  7. 31337 Clan Avatar

    If ur gettin mon0 use it to sniff instead of wlanX

  8. NINJA FIRE Avatar

    bro wlan1 is not showing in nethunter wifite attack help me plzz

  9. J12to4 Avatar

    iwconfig: show all wireless cards
    ifconfig wlan# up: make sure wlan# is up
    airmon-ng check : check for background proccesses that could switch back the monitor mode
    airmon-ng check kill : kill those proccesses
    airmon-ng start wlan# : enable monitor mode for chosen wireless card

  10. yashfernandojain Avatar

    For those of you worried and confused about not getting wlan1: dont worry this is an additional card that bucky uses, as long as ur getting wlan0 that means ur good and u can use that

  11. A2Z Tech Therapy Avatar

    which wifi adaptor are u using

  12. Dinesh Maharjan Avatar

    dont have wlan1 and wlan ……..when i go to iwconfig it only shows lo no wireless extensions.
    eth0 no wireless extensions.
    plz help sirr plz

  13. ananth sharma Avatar

    i got my mode as auto.. do u know how to change it to monitor mode

  14. Jamal Avatar

    hi, please help me to fix the problem. I got VMWARE and WIFISLAX 4.11 but wifislax can't detect my wifi. Maybe because specification in VMWARE are wrong?. please help me to fix it. Thank you

  15. Oliver Edholm Avatar

    Love your tutorials!

  16. PeteGeorgopoulos Avatar

    thank you much. that was so well explained. i saw a tut like this, well many but none with the clarification. thanks

  17. Hamza Samy Avatar

    airmon-ng check kill doesn't work and the processes get back working automatically!!
    how can i disable them so i can switch the interface card to monitor mode ???

  18. Crime Rate Avatar

    Why when I airmon-ng check kill I can't connect to the WiFi anymore ?

  19. LosEagle Avatar

    Is it possible to switch the card back to Managed mode ? What's the difference between those two modes?

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