Windows Command Line Tutorial – 2 – Listing Files and Directories

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29 responses to “Windows Command Line Tutorial – 2 – Listing Files and Directories”

  1. Faisal Shafiq Avatar

    hell of a show thanks man love from pakistan

  2. Brickstun Ram Avatar

    man you explain things so well. im having epiphanies left and right haha

  3. Danny Jr Avatar

    Thanks from (I suppose this is where I place a location) Saturn c:

  4. Garrett Bierer Avatar

    Awesome keep it up this is helping me very much!

  5. mark111112222212 Avatar

    1:09 Somehow I see the size of the file with "a" instead of apostrophe for example 14a321a329 anyone else has it this way/knows why I see it like that?

  6. Shubham Jawandhiya Avatar

    Sir, I am unable to open any file in its default application just by typing the name as you said. It just takes the first word of the name of file and says that it is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

  7. Mustafizur Rahman Avatar

    awesome, appreciate it. hope you will continue. thanks man.

  8. Mega Avatar

    what's going on bucky

  9. Michael Wood Avatar

    Thanks a bunch dude. Great work.

  10. TheNemesis Avatar

    Thanks from a location on Earth.

  11. Chef Dom's Online Avatar

    everytime I miss something I try to scroll up your cmd lol

  12. Domenick Braccia Avatar

    Are you BuckyIsotope from twitter?

  13. friendsANDsuch350 Avatar

    Sense I watched your cmd vids I'm now on a watch list… jk I'm just pulling your leg

  14. Cello Man Avatar

    Is it possible to ruin anything in the command prompt?

  15. Itz Morgz - Factions and More Avatar

    Desktop/did you get your dimind play button

  16. GBRL Avatar

    let's see whats inside that dir …
    hmmm … just some hacking tools, haha

  17. CobraL0rd Avatar

    Finally, you have learned how to type properly Bucky! : D

  18. Hashim Aziz Avatar

    Hey Bucky,

    What font are you using for your CMD?

  19. Ali Asadullah Avatar

    Thanks a lot from Pakistan!

  20. jonathan R Avatar

    if you type (tree) its a little more simple

  21. Gam3rzRus Avatar

    Wow not a lot of comments, dang.

  22. guscles25 Avatar

    1:37 the lies lol. command line is awesome.

  23. Henri Riba Avatar

    you are just awesome

  24. Gerry GUAN Avatar

    Awesome! Thanks from China.

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