Windows Command Line Tutorial – 6 – Drives and Changing Colors

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23 responses to “Windows Command Line Tutorial – 6 – Drives and Changing Colors”

  1. Rosh myth Avatar

    Isnt using the mouse and GUI much simpler than using the cmd?

  2. Rijvan Saifi Avatar

    Hello sir. I want be a software engineer. Where to start at home please tell me

  3. Edvin JCC Avatar

    blackground xD


    what are that " . " and " . . " appear at very begining when dir keyword is given

  5. Aryan Hegde Avatar

    uhaul drive lol

  6. Ilyas Khan Avatar

    dope! thanks bucky changed it to blue lol

  7. Toriqul Islam Shimanto Avatar

    Thanks for the cool color style now I can concentrate on cmd ……

  8. Julia Lubsanova Avatar

    You're sooo coool! Love your tutorials)

  9. Walking Taco15 Avatar

    3:39 haha would you use that if you connected to a computer?

  10. Eazy_Lifeb TV Avatar

    your're a good teacher.

  11. Sean Beacham-Hamblin Avatar

    wow. i feel so embarrassed now that i know other people don't think that the black and green colour scheme ain't so cool. always thought i was the man when i use that scheme lol

  12. Nolanrulesroblox Avatar

    BlackRound© by Nolanrulesroblox

    jk lol

  13. Edel Rex Avatar

    3:01 you can use cd /..

  14. Piyush Vikas Avatar

    Whenever I m typing wmic logicaldisk get name the it is showing me the error tha 'wmic' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
    The full code is C:UsersPiyush> wmic logicaldisk get name
    Why the error is showing ?????

  15. Raven46 Avatar

    Or….if you want to change color,font …..permanently , right click on the top of the cmd , than click properties and then change what ever you want

  16. Raven46 Avatar

    hahahahaha………….this guy is a legend

  17. Ashish SM Avatar

    If you're really a noob like me, then you can just type in "color [any alphabet]" and it'll still display the help.

  18. ReOn CUBES Avatar

    my computer says that it doesn't recognize wmic

  19. Ahmed Shaheer Avatar

    You can also type "color attr" to get the info of the color command thing

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