WooCommerce Bookings Tutorial: Create A Booking Website With WordPress 2017

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Full Tutorial On The WooCommerce Bookings Plugin/Extension. Learn how to create a booking wordpress website with this tutorial. I cover most of the options with this woocommerce extensions.

First, we talk about how to create a booking wordpress website with the woocommerce bookings plugin. I go step by step to make sure you fully understand it. I

This is a wordpress plugins and you must have woocommerce already installed for this plugin to work. First make sure to download the wooocommerce plugin, its a free plugin. Than purchase the plugin from woomill.com

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WooCommerce Bookings And Appointment plugin, WooCommerce Appointment Plugin






46 responses to “WooCommerce Bookings Tutorial: Create A Booking Website With WordPress 2017”

  1. Exeter Tutors Ltd Avatar

    Hi Darrel. Great tutorial – thank you.
    I have one, hopefully quick question. I've scanned your other responses, but can't see this answered anywhere.
    We are creating events that only take place on Saturdays from 10am – 12pm. That's easy enough. However, we want our customers to be able to book more than one session at the same time. In other words in the same booking, we want them to be able to book, for example, 3, 10, 17 and 24 September. Is that possible?

  2. wutever0 Avatar

    A very thorough and detailed tutorial. Thanks for doing a very good job.

  3. Cecil McDaniel Avatar

    how can you add a cleaning fee for instance to the you lake cabin rental using this plugin or with accommodations in woocommerce?


    Hi! Darrel Wilson!
    I am Vietnamese who can watch and follow the steps of your video. I want to find out more about each part of Bookings you have Tutorial file .pdf does. If so, please send me via email: donghung.quangtruong@gmail.com. Very appreciate if you support.

  5. Shamangelic Healing with Anahata Ananda Avatar

    This was the best tutorial we've found so far for WooBookings. Really appreciate it! Would love to see another one that goes into more detail on Setting up Availability Rules (Global, Product, Resources) and setting the various "Priority" levels. Finding this aspect very complicated and little instruction available.

  6. Tejan Rockwood Avatar

    can anyone better define the difference between the fixed blocks of and customer defined blocks?

  7. Claudio Brites Avatar

    Hi! I'm trying to setup a scooter rental service and think this plugin would fit. I need costumers to:

    1 – Select a Scooter
    2 – Choose a pick-up and drop-off date for that Scooter
    3 – Check extras like helmets and bike-locks
    4 – Price estimate
    5 – Insert name email and phone

    Would it be possible to add fixed price extras like the helmets and bike-locks?

  8. Allforthepeople Avatar

    I am having trouble with this plugin. The calendar is not showing up on the frontend even though everything is configured correctly on the back end. How do you recommend troubleshooting this error?

  9. merliw Avatar

    Does Booking works with Vendors? …for example, let a photographer to have it's own booking section?

  10. Mia Pettersson Avatar

    What if a motel room has different prices in different months? And different rates on different rooms.. Can you add this into the avaliability? Or do you need different calendars for each month?

  11. Benny Blanco Avatar

    lol did he say white girls age faster than any other women lmao

  12. Alejandro Estornel Avatar

    Hey Darrel. Quick question. I've followed all the steps and set up my online yoga retreat woocommerce but now when I click preview the only thing that displays is the title of my page, no actual products/resources etc. I don't understand where I went wrong. Do you know of a WP problem or Woocommerce conflict that may be resulting in my products page not displaying?

  13. Nico du Plessis Avatar

    Hi Darrel, we want to create a facilities booking site/system where different sites/rooms/desks can be booked for from an hour to several hours to several days. Is there a way to do this with this plug-in?

  14. Victor Sanchez Avatar

    Hi Darrel, i'm currently building a Mt. Biking campground website and until i'm ready to go true live I have the free version off the WooCommerce Booking app thru word press. It does not look like anything like what you are speaking about. do you have a tutorial on the free version or should I go ahead and get Woomill? Thanks

  15. Akporesiri Omene Avatar

    also, how do you create a custom booking page on your wordpress website that only shows the booking products? Because I know woo commerce shows all products that you have on the shop page.

    plz help 🙂

  16. yea747 Avatar

    That was an amazing presentation! Excellent !

  17. OMline Ashram Avatar

    Hi Darrel. So if i want to set up a room block price say $100 per room for 2 people and i want to charge an extra $50 for every additional person how do i do that. should i just change the number of people to 2 in the person section? Thanks

  18. Cristina Vega-Sanz Avatar

    For some reason when listing my block cost under resources it automatically inputs my rate as a € instead of $. I don't know how to change it. Please help

  19. Fresh Ivories Avatar

    Can i set this up with a variable service such as phone repair color

  20. Andrew Cuerden Avatar

    Hi Darrel. Please can you let me know where I can find a tutorial that covers weekly repeating events with each event having multiple ticket options. I am struggling to find a simple way of creating these. Many thanks. Andrew

  21. Chalit Wantaree Avatar

    Hi Darrel could you make a dating website tutorial pls? thanks in advance

  22. Kostadin Sotirov Avatar

    Does anyone know how to change the button in the shop from "read more" to "book now"? Would appreciate it.

  23. great himalayan trekkers Avatar

    i am making travel packages can i show origin and destination city by this plug in the product

  24. Jessica Clayton Avatar

    Is there a way to link this plug in to a google calendar and different staff members? Our customers make bookings based on each staff member's availability or would that be a different plug in?

  25. kacyjco Avatar

    Darrel – I purchased this plugin from Woomill. My site now tells me there is an update but the update failed. I can only assume this notice is from WooCommerce as it is also telling me I need to buy it! When I go to Woomill I see no update. So how do I know when Woomill releases an update and will I need to physically go the Woomill site to download and install it?

  26. Kevin Boger Avatar

    Great tutorial! Im building a site for mobile paint party business. The parties are $400 for up to 10 kids. But it's $75 for the next block of 10 kids. Ex. if the customer booked for 15 kids. the price would be 400 (10 kids) + $75 (5 kids) = $475 total. Is there a way to break up the pricing into blocks like this? like the first 1-10 $400, then $75 for each additional block of up to 10 kids. I hope I'm explaining it correctly.

    thanks Kevin

  27. Jorick Sikkes Avatar

    Are the individual purchases of plugins at Woomill also at a cost per month structure or are they just individual payments?

  28. Juan Montejo Avatar

    Hi, what if my website has more than one yoga professor? How can they know when someone buy a class? can I add more than one email for tha notificasions for each product (yoga classes in this case)

  29. kacyjco Avatar

    Hi Darell — Great video – helped me a great deal! Two questions….I do clothing alterations so I set up just a simple Mon-Sat appointments 1.) Is there a way to allow for a lunch break without having to set two resources for each day (i.e. 9:00a – 12:00p and 1:00p – 6:00p? and, 2.) Is there a way for a client to book a follow-up appointment without being charged? I'm thinking that I would have to either manually book it or give them a coupon code?? Thanks!

  30. Chris Vale Avatar

    Hi, how do you get updates for these plugins?

  31. Mel - 7 Avatar

    Hi, can you suggest a WordPress plugin for multiple rental products for me please? I really need help. btw you earned my subscribe.. Thanks in advance!

  32. 2k9flash Avatar

    I like your tutorials, they are great, regards

  33. Nventure Nouvocity Avatar

    show+ transfer adult 650 child 550
    show+dinne adult 850 child 750
    show+dinne+transfer adult 1150 child 850


    If i have a list like above for select as the same for adult and child to select how to this….Thank you

  34. Lama Yaseen Avatar

    Hello Darrel, this is honestly the clearest and most useful WooCommerce booking tutorial! I would ask, if no trouble if it is possible for you to get into more details with this plugin like including more information through a form, (name, Id number, nationality..etc) using add-ons like Gravity forms. which to be honest i am asking because i am stuck in this one lol. but i believe that it would help a a lot of people as well.

    Thank you!

  35. Robert Campbell Avatar

    Hi Darrel. First, I love your videos, they are super helpful. Here's my booking issue. I have a distribution company that requires a 3-hour delivery window for timed deliveries. Now I'd like like the client to pick the start and/ or finish time of that window (eg. delivery no later than 5:46pm). Is this possible? Time slots do not work as the product being delivered is perishable and fixed time options are often too early or too late. Let me know. Rob from http://www.ice-asap.com.

  36. zaragoza2011 Avatar

    Hi Darrel, Great Video!. Hey, How can setup a rental bike Full Day $60 and for Half Day $30 (withing two blocks of 4hrs. each. 10:00am to 2:00pm and 2:00pm to 6pm. for the half day) is this possible on woocommerce booking?
    Thank you!.
    Keep the great videos out there!.

  37. Spanish Movies Avatar

    is this for 10 dollars/monthly or just 10 dollars plugin 1 time payment?

  38. Spanish Movies Avatar

    Does this work with WC vendors?

  39. Nventure Nouvocity Avatar

    Why Product page not beatifull

  40. Miguel Morales Abad Avatar

    Hi, I'm trying to programn a bookable product, with 4 options of time intervals: 4 hours at morning (10:00 to 14:00), 4 hours at evening (16:00 to 20:00), 10hours or 1day (10:00 to 20:00) and the entire week. Is that thing possible? THX!

  41. jacob amba Avatar

    Great Tutorial dude. Would you make a tutorial for a railway reservation system searching of trains and booking. Thank you

  42. Tine Appel Avatar

    Hi Darrel! I have a issue with a boat rental company. They have two boats and you can rent it for half a day and a full day. When two full days are booked, I can still rent half a day on the same day. How can I make the boats unavaileble, I can't do the math. Thanks!


    l will give a try! Thank you. Also a live demo would help.

  44. echo0204 Avatar

    Hi Darrel, what if when we'd like to create a marketplace travel, sort of airbnb things? Thanks

  45. Carlos Salazar Avatar

    Hi Darrel, i have on doubt on the Yoga class example! when i choose to overrite and input from 6am to 3pm, why i doesnt show from 9am to 12pm??? i understand im overriting the previous instrucction, but im just expanding the time frame from 9am up to 6 and the final hour from 1 to 3pm, i should be able to have all hours!!!

    see my doubt??? thanks for the video, it gives me a lot of ideas for what i am planning to do!

  46. Ivan Tang Avatar

    Hey Darrel, i have downloaded the woocommerce plugin as well as the woomill plugin.
    However, the "bookings" tab does not seem to appear on my dashboard.
    Could you please advise?

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