Wordfence Plugin Tutorial : Best Security Plugin For WordPress!

Want to see one of the best free plugin for security for your wordpress website? The wordfence security plugin does alot! It protects your website against hackers and malware and all sorts of really cool features.

Lets be honest, security for your wordpress website should be the most important thing on your list. Its a free plugin and it does automatic scans on your website to make sure its always up and running safety.

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17 responses to “Wordfence Plugin Tutorial : Best Security Plugin For WordPress!”

  1. Syed Zeeshan Avatar

    Darrel you're best person. You're life savor. Whenever you visit Pakistan, you'll be my guest.

  2. PixemWeb Avatar

    Wordfence is a great plugin. I use it on all of my WordPress Websites and Clients sites. Great overview.

  3. Prospection Numeric Avatar

    Hi Darrel,
    Do you know if there exists a plugin to modify a page automatically to a certain date. For example change Hi by Hello on 4 aug 21h38, i have the divi theme?

  4. Beyond Multisite Avatar

    WordFence is the only plugin I use on all my sites. The best thing is that it can block attacks that are not discovered yet (thanks to some of the firewall rules I think).

  5. AVREUS Nature-Within Avatar

    Could You help with the Woocommerce Extension "BRANDS". Would request advanced video in that Plugin Please

  6. Weng Chu Con Avatar

    Thanks darrel! will surely use it.

  7. John Bastian Bolhano Avatar

    I use Wordfence for all of my websites

  8. Yukiko Tsurumura Avatar

    Yes, the security is always the biggest issue to manage websites.
    Thank you for introducing great plugins!! Darrel, you are amazing

  9. aina opeyemi Avatar

    also use captcha, and limit login trials per a certain times

  10. aina opeyemi Avatar

    sucuri is the best security for WordPress, it's just that it's expensive

  11. Lipa Fekete Avatar

    Great video!! As always!

  12. Chauncyne Kinion Avatar

    I use WordFence Security on all of my clients websites.

  13. Nadith Karunarathna Avatar

    Great ! thanks for good info.

  14. BlackDeath12345 Avatar

    hey Darrell, checkout my website powerphrase.com

  15. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Make sure to watch till the end to see the other recommendations i have!

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