WordPress 3 – Make A Slideshow


This tutorial shows you how to make a slideshow in wordpress 3.






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  1. D Tips Avatar

    your are best because u wont miss any step u care for ur viewor pls crecate some affilate marking sites iam from india

  2. Marco Narco Avatar

    plugins, plugins everywhere

  3. Raya Rahman Avatar

    another easy to understand video 🙂 and I just made my 1st wordpress site by following your  tutorials 🙂 …..can please tell me once I copy the link in new page I cant insert pictures from gallery its different then the one in your video, the options it has are display galleries …..add gallery / image …..mange galleries and manage albums. please help

  4. Marilyn August Avatar

    Love the video but wondering can people hire you to do it for them?

  5. Steve M Avatar

    are you able to do an image slider with captions and links to other pages?

  6. Harry Bowerman Avatar

    here is the short code if you cant find it.

    [jj-ngg-jquery-slider title="hello" gallery="1"html_id="about-slider" width="200" heigh="150" center="1"]

  7. Anita Singh Avatar

     great informatic Video . but i can't find JJ NextGen JQuery Slider" 

  8. Barry Knight Avatar

    there is no plugin link on my dashboard is this only for people who pay ?

  9. IAMGuozai Avatar

    It's still available, Eric. Try "JJ NextGen JQuery Slider" instead, u will find it. Refer back to mike's post below.@Eric Riessen

  10. Eric Riessen Avatar

    Your videos are Always good. NextGen JQuery Slider doesn't exist anymore or I am doing something wrong. Greetings from Holland

  11. MrJujux11 Avatar

    HTML meteor slide it works on blogger ?

  12. gfewjf Avatar

    i want to make a slide show with buttons in it that sends u to the next page. does anyone have a tutorial for that? or something that looks like that

  13. Jascinth Revan Avatar

    How do you change the size of your pictures, to fit in the slideshow?

  14. Zach Jones Avatar

    there is no jj slider any more

  15. mike Avatar

    Great videos Tyler…….for those searching the nextgen slider plugin by name, note that pluggins are case sensitive. I typed in jj nextgen jquery slider and came up empty, lol. "JJ NextGen JQuery Slider" is the correct search.

  16. ali hassan Avatar

    i just made website today and i know how to insert a gallery , Thanks a lot

  17. Lola Vega Avatar

    Hola Tyler, sabes me ha sido de mucha ayuda tu video. Ahora con lo que lideo es la resolución de la imagen. Puedo ponerla bien en 960×400 pero ¿cuántos dpi utilizas?

  18. Edvin Karimi Avatar

    Very interesting. I use the responsive theme plugin since the websites I make for customers are usually responsive.

  19. Nancy Gardiner Avatar

    Thanks again Tyler for this video. You are beyond Amazing. Can you make another video to showing how to add this slider into the header of the theme. I want to add it into my site sweetsanscutepets

  20. Michael Officer Avatar

    Worked good – thanks again, Tyler!

  21. Tobby Gaudreau Avatar

    Tanks Tyler your doing a very good job by the way. I only have a question about how many pixels (ex. 296 X 800 ) should have an image that i want to create for a sllider. Is there a chart that we can use for reference or do we have to test to see.

    Tanks a 1000 time


  22. mattam66 Avatar

    is it possible to add images by adding a url

  23. kretanragazzo Avatar

    hallo tyler.thanks for the great videos.what about adding a slideshow in the header, replacing the header image?

  24. Jakub Czerwonka Avatar

    Can you make a video on how to make a gallery like that on the home page? Also if you do make the video show how to add some text below it like Welcome to ….

  25. Wolfgang Bloomfield Avatar

    You can use the Meteor slider from wordpress for videos too.

  26. Wolfgang Bloomfield Avatar

    The best slideshow plugin that I have found is Meteor Slider, you can get it from WordPress, I found this one very easy to use, and it has great effects.

  27. netcommercial Avatar

    Thanks for taking the time to share this.. Appreciated. I am looking for the same idea, yet for Video. Anyone? Wanted to slideshow 3 select youtube videos on my website.

  28. Vannucci Bruno Avatar

    Cool ! Simple, efficace… Comme j'aime. Merci

  29. noriel6988 Avatar

    As always Tyler is the Best!

  30. Lokesh Bhartiya Avatar

    as always amazing Tyler ji..I am addicted to you..

  31. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Thanks, Josh!! 🙂

  32. Joshua Keighley Avatar

    All Of Your Videos Are Amazing!! Worth Their Weight (Time) In Gold!
    I First Looked At WP And I Fell Over But Now It's My Favourite CMS!
    My Best Friend, Ben, Loves It Too!!!
    Many Thanks Tyler!!

  33. Deborah Sanders Avatar

    Hi Tyler I love this video, I'm trying to make my website like the Los Angeles van rentals
    I'm using car demon I'm not sure how to place the Inventory widget just like
    Los Angele van rentals to the left in the center of my slider

  34. Fil Black Avatar

    Hi Tyler
    I like your videos a lot.
    Can you recommend some free layered "time-line" slider, with some cool intro effects!!!
    Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

  35. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks, king james 🙂

  36. King James Avatar

    Your vids are so great im learning how to use WordPress and u made it so easy to understand and do im building a website using the ways you showed thank you very much

  37. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks!! my pleasure!!

  38. NapoLoso Avatar

    your vids are amazing, so easy to understand, i used to think WP was so difficult to use but now i see it's the easiest CMS. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  39. CHEEKY MINKS Avatar

    I have tried to edit my images and got it changed but it still looks funny. What might be the problem.

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