WordPress 3 Tutorial: How To Edit a Page


This is how to edit a page in wordpress 3+. First go to then on the left go to “Pages” … Watch the wordpress video for more info or contact me on my website.






12 responses to “WordPress 3 Tutorial: How To Edit a Page”

  1. Mindy Renee Jaffar Avatar

    This is exactly what I needed. Thank you for making it so simple

  2. Sharman Burnam Avatar

    Well this would be a great video but I am a newbie at this. I can go where you say BUT there is no Tool bar to BOLD or center….where or how do I get this to come up?

  3. Tina Siz Avatar

    i always have a blank page in editor. I can click visual… nothing
    i click view it takes me to page to edit…  i click edit on tool bar and still i get nothing in my editor to edit.  can anyone tell me why


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  5. bull gamer Avatar

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  6. Maggie Ma Avatar

    After I click edit, the content I see on the page is different from what is on the page. Could you help me?

  7. etjams Avatar

    Thanks for your time you take to make these videos. Im trying to figure out how to change the color /font of the boxes that say contact,about us, and such. Can you help? Thanks!

  8. Harold Jonas Avatar

    Helpful and eliminates the intimidation. How do I replace a headertitle image file..?I have sites that I am trying to edit

  9. Anoud Avatar

    A helpful video for a Newbie …. Tanks man 🙂

  10. Angela Marquez Avatar

    Hi Conuttant, Could you please tell me witch is the theme that you use for this website? Also do you know how to erase everything that you have done in a WordPress website and star over? Thank you so much. Your tutorials are very helpful:)

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