WordPress.com or WordPress.org

There is somewhat of a debate over which of the two wordpress sites is the best to use. The two websites in question are WordPress.com or WordPress.org. In my honest opinion there really isn’t anything worth debating. In this video I do my best to explain why WordPress.org is a much better option long term than WordPress.com is.

I’ve been making WordPress websites for over 7 years now. I honestly have never made a website utilizing the WordPress.com platform, but I have worked with customers and clients that have had their websites built within that platform and it’s incredibly limited. The limitations are the number one problem I have with it. If you want to have a free website and don’t mind the ads being displayed or the limitations however, than WordPress.com could be the way to go for you.

The price range is very similar in regards to a year of WordPress.com and a year of web hosting and renewals with WordPress.com or WordPress.org. WordPress.com may actually have a slight advantage here, but those few dollars you may be saving doesn’t make up for the limitations in themes, plugins, hosting plans, and more! Literally every single client that I have moved their site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org has fallen in love with the .org side of it.

Lastly, I’ll just leave you with this. The platforms are entirely different. I would recommend using wamp to get started for absolutely free if you want to go the free route to dabble with it and try it out. Trying the free version of WordPress.com just isn’t going to cut it if your long term plan is to go to WordPress.org which has more functionality. I think going with WordPress.com’s free version would just lead to more confusion. Also, the one click installs that every reputable hosting company has is a clear benefit for easy setup with WordPress.org. You don’t even need to go to the WordPress.org setup to do it! I’ve got a tutorial about this step by step process that I’ll link below.

Please note that my assesment in this video is based on the current differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. There could be changes made since the recording of this video.

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4 responses to “WordPress.com or WordPress.org”

  1. ProjectDo Avatar

    What if im starting a personal blog in which I talk about my life goals, bucket list items and so on, as well as topics that might help me achieving those goals as well as my viewers.. and in no way plan to monetize my site, do you think the customization from .org is REALLY worth it? from what I understand .org is more expensive because of the monthly payments from hosting…

  2. Joshua E Avatar

    WordPress.com has a free and paid option. I assume the paid means WP will host the website for you? I am playing with the free (ie myname.wordpress.com) version, but I can't edit from scratch without upgrading.

  3. monika ridenchock Avatar

    seems to me the only reason one would go with .com would be if they're starting off in a $0.00 budget.

  4. WPWithTom Avatar

    Hey everyone! If you have questions about this please reach out to me!

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