WordPress Dashboard Customization Tutorial

Using the WordPress dashboard can get confusing. Learn the proper WordPress dashboard customization to fit your needs with this little video. WordPress software is open source and free to use.






6 responses to “WordPress Dashboard Customization Tutorial”

  1. Etienne Gagne Avatar

    title kind of misleading

  2. PDK Films 2 Avatar

    Clear and concise James thanks

  3. Jouke Nienhuis Avatar

    Nice tutorial and very good explained. I only find the title very misleading, because it is no tutorial to customize the dashboard. It is more a tutorial of how the dashboard works.

  4. Tan Huynh Avatar

    FOUND IT! I just send you a FB post asking for this video. THANK YOUUUUU, James!

  5. Kate Hancock Avatar

    Really helpful video – thank you!

  6. Araxy Kherlopian Avatar

    Thank you James – this video shed light on the many features of the Dashboard . You explained it well and now i can work with WP without going through the adventure of clicking and finding out. Look forward to learning more !

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