WordPress Excerpt Tutorial

In this lesson we learn how to add “Read more” or “Continue reading” links to our posts, as well as how to manage and customize excerpts in our theme’s output. Check out my “Get a Developer Job” course:

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Link to download .zip of theme files as shown in this video (note: this is not a “complete” WordPress theme yet and this download is only intended for educational purposes to dissect and review):

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21 responses to “WordPress Excerpt Tutorial”

  1. Mustafa Shubbar Avatar

    Well that was great, thanks a lot

  2. bilal saqib Avatar

    these are amazing

  3. mdmuaj Avatar

    whats the plugin of auto-comment in ur editor?? Sublime text editor

  4. chronical Avatar

    amazing work, am ejoying ur videos !

  5. Rash N Avatar

    thank you for covering the topic with full details!

  6. Programming Avatar

    Thank you so much for your excellent tutorial. Very easy to understand.

  7. Web Gladventures Avatar

    Thanks…a very useful tutorials

  8. OPPinionated Avatar

    I don't understand code language. I'm using wordpress, sydney theme and the read more button does not respond. It has the parenthesis and 3 dots…. please help

  9. nachiket korgaonkar Avatar

    can you make some video on related post……….. i saw lots of tutorial but could not understand the concept can u help me on this……


  10. nachiket korgaonkar Avatar


    Thank;s for the very simple tutorial. its a very easy to understand i am looking forward to more tutorial like this keep going
    thanks again.

  11. Dima Faour-Klingbeil Avatar

    BIG THANK YOU!!! I finally solved this !

  12. MobiusCoin Avatar

    I kinda knew how to make a basic theme from scratch but going through this tutorial makes me appreciate and understand WordPress so much more. And you're right! It does spark your imagination. Instead of displaying the content, I used wp_trim_words to trim the content to make it look like an excerpt if the excerpt field was empty!

  13. Juan Pablo Mejia Avatar

    This tutorials are amazing. I needed to learn wordpress for a job in a very short time and this gave me all the elements I needed to defend myself in wordpress.

  14. raykudos73 Avatar

    Hi Sir brad, I got stuck on this excerpt tutorial..

    I follow your instruction on this one but still the final result is like this (more…) at the end of my post that I put a read more option instead of showing the result like this – Continue readind >>

    can you please help me out on this?..


  15. Wu Hui Avatar

    I hate wix ad.

  16. Dan and Krypto Avatar

    I swear this guy is god sent.

  17. barry abrams Avatar

    Thank you of your time invested and patience in explaining. You are very good at instructing. Do any of your videos explain creating a custom category to display only blog posts from one category on one page? Do any of your videos show how to change the index.php page to a 2-column layout using Bootstrap? The videos I've watched show older/different code for the loop than what is being used for the Twentyfifteen, sixteen, and seventeen index.php files.

  18. Dries Bester Avatar

    I love these lessons. thanks so much for a clear guide.

  19. World4Games Avatar

    wat code editor u use?

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