WordPress Featured Content 7

I continue making a WordPress Featured Content Slider.

I’ll specifically show you how to do many things with WordPress like:

Find out what category a post is in
Get the URL for the Plugin Directory
Retrieve Post Titles, Excerpts, Meta Data
Make custom queries for the WordPress database

The Code is Here:






6 responses to “WordPress Featured Content 7”

  1. Derek Banas Avatar

    @Lintanation When I first started trying to make a money making site online I noticed that everyone was using WordPress. I can program Joomla and the other CMS because they are all just PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, etc. I just decided on WordPress and was happy with the results. Would they have been the same with the other systems? Maybe? I just know that wordpress plus good content works. Without good content I don't know that it matters though

  2. Derek Banas Avatar

    @Lintanation I've used other blogs / CMS like Joomla. I think WordPress is the best. Most successful individuals online use WordPress. I have an intimate knowledge on how to do anything with it. That's why I use it. Also, there are no great video tutorials on how to create great blog themes / plugins. That's why I've been making these videos.

  3. Derek Banas Avatar

    @gravics I'm glad you like it. I didn't think anyone would like tutorials that are this complicated

  4. gravics Avatar

    Yes! This is 'cool' stuff.

  5. Derek Banas Avatar

    @supprof1 Thank you for telling me that someone is watching these videos 🙂 I know nobody has ever done complicated WordPress tutorials like this before and I'm glad you like them.

  6. Ahmed Cherif Avatar

    thank you
    very good tutorial
    i register an a counte in youtube just to follow you
    you are trying to do your best and give us maximum details
    thank you generous man

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