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  1. Mar Betu Avatar

    wonderful 🙂 thank you

  2. Chalit Wantaree Avatar

    Thanks James i enjoy your tutorial very much, so far the best i've learn, i love the way you explain it's super easy to follow, i have a little request, i wonder if you could teach how to make a dating website with WP and all the plugins available ? Thamksss

  3. ugonna chimezie Avatar

    Thank you James, i have a little issue with my post on my forum displaying the recent post just way below older post

  4. Cary Johnson Avatar

    Hello, At age 75 doing things with websites is a steep learning curve for me. I just finished the video and successfully set up things the right way, I hope. Anyway, I opened two windows and started and stopped your video many times to do things like you mentioned. I like the slow way you made things clear so I could follow carefully. Very good.

  5. bankole dada Avatar

    Good stuff James. Thanks for your help

  6. My Marbella Weekender Avatar

    Thank you for this it was excellent!

  7. Md Abtahi Avatar

    register form do not shown password.I want to passworn shown on register page

  8. Krishna Roy Avatar

    hey dude how to increase font size in forum topics content

  9. Soy la Linda Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorials. I went along exactly as in the video but my website is not showing any Log in or Register option. Also my social medial widgets are not showing on the forum page. Please help

  10. Dr Teeth Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial.I have a trouble. When visitors try to register on my website they find 'username' and 'email' option with 'We use your email address to email you a secure password and verify your account' message but after registering they don't get a password on their mail. How to fix this?

  11. BestyouPRO Avatar

    Very useful introductory video thank you for posting.

  12. Spirit Noodle Soup Avatar

    Thank you!!! It worked 🙂

  13. MrAustinValentine Avatar

    can we only get these plugins on wordpress.org or can we get them using wordpress.com too?

  14. Derrick Stott Avatar

    Brilliant, thanks James.

  15. One Love All Equal Avatar

    Am I going to be able to use add the forum to my website so people can read my articles or if they prefer join the forum?

  16. E. M. B. Avatar

    Nice work. How did you do this cool camera zooming into your website like here 01:32 min?

  17. KV Avatar

    This is a great tutorial. Explains a lot in a very short period of time. Thanks.

  18. michael weber Avatar

    Hi there James,
    Thanks for a super video, you make it all super easy to understand.
    my question to you, or anyone out there is this. you have made a forum, BUT in that forum you want sub forums.
    example. you have north, east, west and south forums, in the north forum, you want to make sub forums, so then you click north forum, you get a option of forum A, forum B, forum C and forum D, so if people is interested in north they go in there and then select the forum of interest in north.
    hope this makes some kind of sens.


  19. Loteria de Visas Estados Unidos Avatar

    Hi James thank very much for you tutorial, is really great.

    I only have one issue, could you tell me how to deleted comment from registration and loss password page, as I try to used no page comment but I did not find a way to work correctly.

    I look forward to get you reply!

  20. SOOHS TV Avatar

    Hey put a forum page on my website but its not working how its supposed to, like i cant even add a picture to a profile in my website and people post stuff in my forum but it says that theres no comments? I was going to ask if you can help me out pls i would really appreciate it.

  21. Brian Mcgee Avatar

    Hi James this was a great tutorial. my Boss at work wants me to build a forum/membership site using bbpress and buddy press but with paid subscribers only how can I create this is there any plugins that might help thanks again

  22. Hunk Riyaz Avatar

    Hii James thanks for this tutorial 😉

  23. Aladin Lijassi Avatar

    Hey Jonas , how class you are with your explanation . Thanks for the tutorial . I will try this on my website and see how it will be looking like .

  24. Bailey Avatar

    This was so incredibly helpful, thank you! Today I bought a domain name and I wanted to setup a forum and I was clueless. I watched your video and now my forum is ready! Thank you!! 🙂


    i purchase a premium theme from themeforest.now i want to create tutor/student registration .how to do

  26. Anarchäologie Avatar

    Nice video! thanks!

  27. Milo Jilo Stash Avatar

    Thanks for your tutorials man !!

  28. Kalyan Srivastava Avatar

    The forum worked well on mobile phone too

  29. Michael Cross Avatar

    Thank you for this. This helped out a lot!

  30. Marco Mozzato Avatar

    Hi, there is a problem, when someone resist his account how can he set his password? Thank you for this good guide

  31. Anona Socah Avatar

    Can I change the appearance of the Forum?

  32. Atikhom Thienthong Avatar

    Hi James. Thank you for a very useful tutorial. I need your help. Can you show how to add login/logout to frontpage?

  33. alison Thomas Avatar

    Unfortunately I tried however on the forum page it had my wordpress login ???

  34. kennelly He Avatar

    Hi James, many thanks for your tutorial. I've created my own forum right now which is great! The only problem I found is the Lost Password Page doesn't work. Any idea how to fix it? I'm using virtue theme + Woocommerce. Thanks.

  35. Jacques van Wyk Avatar

    Thank you James this tutorial has helped me!!

  36. anchy panic Avatar

    Hi James, I have problem with rest password, it say's: The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function. What should I do here? Thanks for great video 🙂

  37. Lele QueenBeeBee Avatar

    Good video very informative

  38. Murali Flute Avatar

    Hi Sir I am new to wordpress just install. I known   upload themes and and customization and also plugins. No one guide me. how to work  wordpress localy So guide for beginners me like.

  39. Jen Grant Avatar

    Hi James – How do we go about creating multiple forums, but all under one menu header?

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