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5 responses to “WordPress Hosting”

  1. DarkSoldier Avatar

    thank you my friend, greetings from Guayaquil,Ecuador

  2. Patricia Espinoza Avatar

    Planning on launching a new website soon, Thank you so very much for this informative video for us newbies!
    I will be watching some of the other posted videos☺ as well.

  3. Mordecai Rufa Avatar

    Great Video! Thanks. 😀

  4. JelTaTech Avatar

    Thanks bro am a newbie to website site building but your videos are making the process easy for me. Thanks

  5. Jawaher Albuzilfah Avatar

    I've installed it since 2 days and till now when I click the link it says "This webpage is not available". Why does it take so long!

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