WordPress “Jewelry Shop” – Multiple Product Images

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This tutorial shows you how to add multiple images to a prodcut page.






8 responses to “WordPress “Jewelry Shop” – Multiple Product Images”

  1. Soundfeet Marketing Avatar

    Thanks, I do have 1 question, I hope you're still active after all these years.

    Did you do this method for everything in your shop? Let's say you have 1000 products. Did you do it one by one or is there an easier way? WP Import is not behaving with me.

  2. Aisha Miller Avatar

    thanks for making this video! I followed the video but my other images are not showing up, I saw below you said the theme matters, does that mean that my theme could be restricting me form showing multiple images?

  3. Tyler Moore Avatar

    yes the theme matters.

  4. Rita Wang Avatar

    why the new images show in original position when u put click on it? in my website, I should click new images one by one and then they pop out? the theme matters? or could I set it up? if so, where? I use woocommerce plugin and a free theme. thanx

  5. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Jewelry Shop theme =)

  6. HONGCHAN24 Avatar

    great video. just wondered which theme are you using?

  7. Tyler Moore Avatar

    goldcart? no you can use paypal.

  8. Helios Fire Avatar

    Did you need gold cart for it? because I didn't buy it is there a free option?

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