WordPress – Make Buttons & Boxes Without Code


How to make a button and box in wordpress without knowing any code. This uses the plugin shortcode ultimate. Learn More at






29 responses to “WordPress – Make Buttons & Boxes Without Code”

  1. Purvi Dubey Avatar

    I am from india.. Very useful video .. thanks buddy.. Subscribed

  2. Myk Biz Tips Avatar

    what is the best plugin for call to action, and landing page for leads? i am new at wordpress. Thank you!

  3. Erinrose Winter Avatar

    How can I do this for a 2017 wordpress page?

  4. Sire Scott Avatar

    Please kindly help to know how to make bottom for audio download and where to paste the attachment link to support the automatic download

  5. УКН "Краб" Avatar

    is it possible to make a button and when you press on it the contact form pop ups? I've tried many plugins but the buttons usually have links in them and pop ups just pop up randomly and that's not what i want. I want for a client to press the "order" button and a contact form (7) unfold in front of him. But i can't figure it out. Little help?)

  6. Let's Learn Avatar

    how to add submit button?

  7. Tobi Hughes Avatar

    Hi, This is just what I want, but is there an option to add a photo or logo as well as text in the box. Or any other suggestions, just learning wordpress, so will check more of your videos.

  8. Sophie Kuenzle Avatar

    hi, I'm using wordpress theme shapey and can't find the plugin shortcodes unlimited. Anybody has an alternative? Is it because I'm using a free theme? pleas help!

  9. thewalking game Avatar

    thank you very much kind sir 🙂

  10. Matthew Penksaw Avatar

    Thank you! I was looking all over and messing around with CSS quite unsuccessfully before finding this. Great big giant enormous help!

  11. Alex Capone Avatar

    Great Tyler
    Your articles are very helpful for me
    Thanks you very much. 🙂

  12. Robin B Avatar

    I'd like to have seven round boxes as links, black on white. Can you help?

  13. karugahe ruvic Avatar

    you make things easy bro. like it alot

  14. Nina Njoki Avatar

    Thank you, saved me hours!

  15. Joe Rodriguez Avatar

    Excellent!!! You saved me a lot of time.  Thank you.

  16. Zulay Jiménez Avatar

    Gracias por la ayuda 🙂

  17. Random Heart Avatar

    Perfect! but how do I add a button to an existing post?

  18. Oleston Pierre USDF Avatar

    there is a ":beats " button on my site on the home page. how do i get rid of it? please call 951 544 9296. wordpress has updated since i put it there. i used one of your videos to put it there. 

  19. Vickie Booth Avatar

    Tyler, this was very helpful…BUT, when I do a button or box, it doesn't give me the option to put a link in the code….PLUS, is there anyway I can put a button or box on the page I desire?

  20. Fabian K. Avatar

    Thats what i need thanks man

  21. ohcrazydiamond Avatar

    Amazing Tyler simply amazing thanks a lot for your tutorials!

  22. denise1045 Avatar

    EUREKA!!  I have been trying to fathom this out for ages!!  Thank you so much – think I will be spending quite a bit of time playing around with this new plug in.  Have watched quite a number of your videos and they are excellent!  Thank you!
    Denise (UK) x

  23. dawn riggs Avatar

    Thank You Tyler. I have watched several of your video and love them. I think you do a great job explaining things.

  24. CHAR wall Avatar

    Thank you ever so much. This is brilliant. Can you tell me how to get rid of the radius that appears around the button?

  25. Baljeet Singh Avatar

    Nice video Tyler. Can you tell me how i insert button in my menu.

  26. A3203503 Avatar

    Thank you again Tyler.

    Keep up the great work that you do.

    N.B. The plugin worked fine for me although the colour selection was done differently.

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