WordPress Plugins Tutorial For Beginners 2015







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  1. Martin Kaspar Avatar

    hello dear buddy – great work – superb tutorial: i am overwhelmed. Really. One question ;d o you have some texts that help to follow the explanations – that would be even better. Mamy many thanks for all you do !!!

  2. Readme .txt Avatar

    But is not about programming plugins… :((((

  3. David Smith Avatar

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  4. Alex O' Avatar

    I'm trying very hard to learn all this Tech everybody has a YouTube channel and it's wonderful and they should I just really want one too . what a dream come true to have your own TV channel right? And I would very much appreciate it if somebody could show me where the beginning is. Absolute beginning. Because I'm completely overwhelmed. I feel, literally retarded. & the true definition means – to hold back hinder.. I am overwrought feeling being so far behind everybody else. And so when I pick up on words like plugins and others try as I might and I do I know I'm spinning my wheels because. it is a language I don't know and common knowledge to all in the know. I am trying so hard. so if you or anybody can think of the best way to help somebody who definitely has the aptitude and the drive maybe you could help me find my way to learning. the tools the fundamentals.
    Wasn't that long ago what is relative 10 years ago much to the Chagrin of all of my amazing smart friends , I was was the first person to get the first real smartphone the iPhone 3GS.. and they couldn't put it down and they got the 4 . then I got annoyed with the limitations and more and again my my friends didn't understand why I felt my personal business needs would be met with Android Samsung Note 2 , I used to call tablet phone , & still do.. oh yeah tablets when I was looking for a netbook something under 9 inches I wanted a tablet again my friend said like the iPhone aesthetic ridiculous and also obsolete. I said no it's the future not Syfy it's really the future and it will never need to compete with the Almighty laptop! my friends apologize but I'm doing this for myself the YouTube all of this. I'm not trying to act like a baby I know I have excellent antennas & go against the grain all by myself with no help. I know I would love this so can't wait by so I know would be great at this stuff it's just that I missed that pivotal moment when everything changed. the long dead Myspace was filled in with Facebook. YouTube was free butt lost it's innocence.. it happened so fast and of course it became apparent that people were making a lot of money to review products surreptitiously and we didn't have the FTC disclaimer So if anybody can feel me and understands I would appreciate any and all help because I so much want to do everything and do it correctly properly correctly and right I'm not a graphic artist I'm not a website builder. nor social media savvy. but in the outside world great and I want to learn how to bring that here. I can't make my first step and that is so frustrating. and that is why I am being so vulnerable with you. asking questions so I can learn. that's how you learn right? You learn by asking questions. I watched so many videos Googled so many things all I can say is if roles reversed I would be so excited to help somebody . if it's in my power and I can do it I love to help.. So that's where I'm at right now. I really hope to do what everybody else does have a great website YouTube channel and social media interconnected beautifully.
    if they have been around a lot sooner it would have made life as an artist oh so great and that's exactly what's important.
    like I said unchartered Waters. SOS. so once again how do I begin how do I start ?

    this terrible horrible grammatically incorrect nurse improper and professional body of work is a folly is due to the fact that the Google text speech is awful.. I apologize for this unpunctuated visual but I can definitely say sorry it is not usual for me. it is an eyesore but my eyes hurt and they're tired. obviously. so Reserve finger wagging about techÑikalities elsewhere.

  5. Aspire Network NZ Avatar

    Cool! interested in learning more

  6. Oscar Jimenéz Avatar

    I can't find this plugin button in my wp dashboard interface, do I need a premium account to access for this option ?

  7. Josh Rachlis Avatar

    Good video! I guess I didn't learn too much new, but it's nice to see that I haven't been missing anything! I'm just about to launch my first self-hosted WordPress blog, at joshrachlis.today, so I'm sure I'll be calling on you for more help!

  8. vanhoot2234 Avatar

    I feel like they keep changing the lay out

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