WordPress Post Vs Page







5 responses to “WordPress Post Vs Page”

  1. Michael Irwin Avatar

    Thank you for your clear and precise explanation.

  2. Bonjouritsbev Avatar

    Thank you so much for explaining the difference!

    However, I have a question regarding posts. Is there a way to publish a post under a page? Do you have a video that would explain it?
    I tried downloading a plugin (Content Views), but I am not satisfied wit the way it displays the posts.

    Thank you

  3. PDK Films 2 Avatar

    James you'd never think of doing a series on how to use YouTube, playlists,channel, editing even and all it has to offer etc Thanks

  4. Zuhaib Mehdi Avatar

    what software do you use to create videos?
    and How do you create these eye catching designs?

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