WordPress Search Theme Tutorial

In this lesson we learn how to add a search form to our theme’s header, and also how to control the output for the relevant search results screen. Check out my “Get a Developer Job” course:

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Link to download .zip of theme files as shown in this video (note: this is not a “complete” WordPress theme yet and this download is only intended for educational purposes to dissect and review):

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24 responses to “WordPress Search Theme Tutorial”

  1. Romy Kim Avatar

    Can you please do a normalize css instruction video !!!! CSS seemed easiest at the beginning, but it might as well be most un-working part of web making at least… to me. I've been searching ways to make styles work reasonably acceptable in older browsers when hand coding.

  2. Nano Byte Avatar

    @LearnWebCode 3:30 Why can't we simply make label element to Display : none and add aria-* attribute for accessibility reasons ..???

  3. jellycoding Avatar

    Well, when I search for a category that I have on a post I get no results. I have tried with different categories but without any luck.

  4. Isuru Fernando Avatar

    Thank you again for the useful videos! I am following your WordPress lessons, although I am a SAP consultant and new to web development they are very clear and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

  5. Sammy Youm Avatar

    oh fuck… this guy is a coder and developer… i copied a bunch of videos only to find out that this stuff is way over my head 🙂 well, back to the drawing board.

  6. Milan Jalic Avatar

    thanks for everything but seriously dude hiding an element with left: -9999px? how about display: none? don't show people things that could mess them up… Great course by the way 🙂

  7. Mr Hassan Javed Avatar

    and can you make a video for make own Widget for featured posts or for any part we can add as in mind ? will wait for your reply thanks.

  8. Mr Hassan Javed Avatar

    if we want search results by tags, which query will be used?

  9. Wasim Dar Avatar

    Hi There, i am facing one issue regarding CSS, it's seem it is not communicating with anything i have to wait at least 10 hours to see the actual change, can u suggest some please?

  10. zin moe Avatar

    Hello LearnWebCode!
    Your tutorials are very helpful for me and
    I very appreciate.
    I have one question about my stylesheet doesn't work with the correct code .
    Can you show me why and how to fix it.
    Thank you very much.

  11. Nick Wilson Avatar

    Question, at 0:55 seconds roughly you're doing something to create a open div, comment, and close div with comment at the same time. How ?

  12. F Loren Tina Avatar

    one question though : for the div.hd-search label , why tou did not want to use the display:none; ? it would have affected the accesibility ?

  13. F Loren Tina Avatar

    Another GREAT lesson!!!

  14. Subba Pdm Avatar

    You are the perfect ,, How easily i could learn… Thank you soo much .. i expect further more useful tutorial of wordpress.

  15. vandy vicario Avatar

    nice tutorial sir, one question. how to create a pagination for search result page?

  16. Miroslav Jiriste Avatar

    Best WordPress tutorials I've ever seen. Thanks a lot!

  17. kaleem ullah Avatar

    fantastic tutorial

  18. Harpreet Singh Saini Avatar

    I am not able to search by category or tag name. I have assigned the post to categories in the admin panel. Is their any thing else I need to do to enable category or tag search from search input box?

  19. Kelvin Bernardino Avatar

    Great Job Man, awesome tutorials!!! Thank you very much!!!

  20. poloacustic1 Avatar

    Hi great video, just wondering how to improve the search function of wordpress, since it just evaluates titles and content in posts, i want to add it categories, author, dates.

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