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  1. TheLibertyheights Avatar

    Ty so much for that i was just about to sign up

  2. Eric Liestoh Avatar

    This is useful info, but DO NOT even think about giving this guy your money for the "premium membership". There is no "cancel membership" tab anywhere on his site, and once he has your bank account info, he will completely ignore you if you send a customer service support ticket requesting that he cancels your membership, until you hound him relentlessly. Then he will pretend there is some technical problem, then you will see the charge on your account anyway. After he gets your money a second time, you will never hear from him again, no matter how many times you try to contact him. The only way to get your fraudulently charged money back will be to file a dispute with your bank, and then you will have to cancel your bank card and get a new one so that he can't continue to charge you. Don't be fooled by the charming and helpful demeanor, folks. Once he gets his hooks into your bank account, you're nothing but a cash cow to him. Take heed.

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