WordPress Theme Customization Tutorial







10 responses to “WordPress Theme Customization Tutorial”

  1. Cymburyo Ox Avatar

    5:23 you said you will show us how to edit a theme. where is that video

  2. Jack Yan Avatar

    Hi, at 0:35 you mention that wordpress.com has different customization capabilities. Is it possible to get the wordpress.com customization in my custom domain/host wordpress?

  3. Mainul Islam Manna Avatar

    This Video nice.
    if you need to customize your wordpress theme then you can visit here

  4. Alexander Deigaard Nielsen Avatar

    This is 20% useful information and 80 advertising wordpress.

  5. Cindy Taylor Avatar

    Check it out! Parvinraina will fix and customize your #WordPress website #Fiverr Here: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/0e52b65a4e

  6. michael norris Avatar

    you learna little more each time so i keep coming back for more.its great

  7. FIE In the SKY Avatar

    Hi james, do u have a tutorial for switching wp themes?

  8. Michael Terndrup Avatar

    This is awesome can I use this for my article I'm writing

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