WordPress Theme Tutorial Pt 4

In this part of the WordPress Theme Tutorial I show you all of the HTML that is needed to create a WordPress Theme.

When you create a WordPress Theme you basically create a template made up from HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then pull in all of your content using PHP code. You also need a MySQL database of course.

Code is Here:






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  1. Rohit singh Avatar

    hello @derek , i m php developer in php, i have started work on wordpress. colud u help me to create own plugin to pull data nd store data in custom

  2. Simeon Simeonov Avatar

    Where I can get the image?

  3. Juan2003gtr Avatar

    how do you create in photoshop the preliminar designs?….I'm curious because you never mention how you get those, just like in the videos of responsive design where you make these preliminary designs for different screen resolutions, I would like to create those myself!!, thanks!!

  4. Derek Banas Avatar

    Yes I live in Pittsburgh. Thank you for the offer. That is very nice πŸ™‚ I'm just happy that people are watching them. It looks like the Browns will be beating the Steelers this year πŸ™‚

  5. Matthew Ball Avatar

    This is so awesome. As I've been looking through the comments, I've learned that you live in Pittsburgh and saw that someone offered you a beer. So if for some reason you ever find yourself going to Cleveland, message me and a beer (or lunch, whatever) will be bought for you!

  6. Nathan Brunetti Avatar

    Sweet! I will take a look and let you know if I need anything else.


  7. Derek Banas Avatar

    I have a copy of the blank theme on this page newthinktank. com/videos/web-programming/wordpress-how-to/

    I hope that helps? I'm very happy that you are enjoying the videos πŸ™‚

  8. Nathan Brunetti Avatar

    I'm trying to find the "BLANK Theme" by: Chris Coyier that you mentioned in this video. When I search for it under the themes menu not shows up. Is that be cause that theme is no longer available? If so can I do that same things that you are doing to the default theme for example: "Twenty Ten"?

    I'm loving the videos by the way! Great resource.

  9. Derek Banas Avatar

    I'm just happy that people are starting to watch the videos. I remember the days when I'd upload a video and nobody would watch it for weeks πŸ™‚

  10. Derek Banas Avatar

    I like to wrap everything in divs. If your design works without it though feel free to do what works for you. I just provide a guide, but I won't say my way is the only way πŸ™‚

  11. MaleficPlanet Avatar

    Is it necessary to wrap those heading tags in another div?

  12. Derek Banas Avatar

    Look at my Web Design and Programming tutorial on my YouTube channel. It is a PHP MySQL tutorial. It should answer all of your questions. Dynamic stuff is normally handled by JavaScript or JQuery. I have tutorials on those as well

  13. Herp Derpingson Avatar

    Please make a tutorial on making a php form on a "particular" page. Say I want the user to enter some data, click a button to send (using the post method) and process the string and immediately print the result to the bottom of the page.
    I cant make it work in WordPress ._.

  14. Derek Banas Avatar

    @AbuAljori Yes I know about that. Always trust the code on my site because it has been tested to work

  15. Derek Banas Avatar

    @JVonD What you need to learn is how to layout a website using html and css. WordPress themes are 80% html and css. The rest is php code that you mainly just cut and paste. I have a tutorial called How to Layout a Website on my YouTube channel. I'll be showing how to turn that website into a WordPress theme tomorrow

  16. JVonD Avatar

    Great videos! I was hoping to find one that has somebody showing how to adjust the contents of the default wordpress theme. Seems your building the entire site from the ground up. I'm to dumb to hammer out all the code. Do you have anything that shows hows to resize the header, side bars and stuff? Like there's an area on the style.css for the header image but I don't even know how to get it to display? I'm super confused. Thanks! ~J

  17. Shane Morgan Avatar

    I just love your tutorials. Although why haven't you posted the PSD for your theme so people can use it while they watch you in the walkthrough. If you decide to post it, let us know… I would love to have it just to walk through and do exactly as you do. I guess I am just weird like that. Keep those tutorials coming… their the best on the web by far.

  18. Derek Banas Avatar

    @BurnMillions Most designers like to do layouts using photoshop. I just prefer the precision of Illustrator. Everyone follows their own path

  19. OEM TV Avatar

    @derekbanas dig that…illustrator? I havent explored illustrator as a layout tool for web…might give me more design freedom to be creative. Imma try it out and test with the gens I get from Photoshop and Fireworks just cause Im use to it.

  20. Derek Banas Avatar

    @BurnMillions I normally make the site design in illustrator and then use the dimensions to make the HTML and CSS. That's pretty much what I did in this tutorial, but I skipped the composition stuff

  21. OEM TV Avatar

    @BurnMillions Oh and cant I just use the css generated(plus my modifications)

  22. OEM TV Avatar

    Here is a question. What do you think a bout creating a document from photoshop/fireworks and slicing it into html doc. then converting it into the php and last styling it with css? I was just curious before I go and waste my time or are you just creating the graphical and not using the html?

  23. OEM TV Avatar

    you rock

  24. Derek Banas Avatar

    @dbmdbnet Normally. That size is pretty much standard right now

  25. david becton Avatar

    Do you always like fixed width 1000px? If not what are your guidelines? We appreciate all you do…

  26. Derek Banas Avatar

    @idiotrun1997 I'm glad you like it. I'll go over all of the css in the tutorial I'll upload tomorrow

  27. BenderIsGreat Avatar

    Good tutorial! really helpful

  28. Derek Banas Avatar

    @kalidabod I'm glad you like it πŸ™‚ I learned how to create themes by tearing apart other themes and looking up the functions in the wordpress codex. You don't need to do that now though. I'll make a bunch of themes, plugins, etc. Step by step. It should be fun

  29. khalid Alamoodi Avatar

    Great, when I wish all this were available long time ago, would have saved me a lot of time and effort. However, still I can learn a lot.
    Thanks a lot!

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