WordPress Theme Tutorial Step By Step 2015

Edit your WordPress template with ease!






12 responses to “WordPress Theme Tutorial Step By Step 2015”

  1. Emma Page Avatar

    Anyone using theme builder TemplateToaster for creating wordpress themes?

  2. The Piper Report Avatar

    I'm using emag for my theme and I can't figure out how. to make my videos/posts like they have in the demo. In the demo they have it set up so the featured blogs are right next to each other, and the main thumbnail is bigger than the other ones.. Then the main thumbnail fades out and a new one pops up. When I add posts to my site they keep getting posted below my previous blog. I want them side-by-side and can't figure it out!

  3. Su Matthews Avatar

    Well explained and summarised 🙂

  4. مراد علمدار Avatar

    realy men

    WordPress Theme Tutorial Step By Step 2015

  5. Ajanta Das Avatar

    One of the awesome video tutorial series. I followed her all tutorial.
    If you see her all tutorial you could make premium WordPress theme. If
    anybody wants to get help for WordPress theme development service .
    please visit https://www.fiverr.com/ajanta91/do-wordpress-theme-development
    Thank you

  6. Nicole Kraake Avatar

    do you have a video that tells you how to change themes…now that I watched your video I want Sydney but I already started my blog. Help please Mr. Stafford

  7. kazi rahat Avatar

    great ! Hello james I am interested to learn web development and Currently I am working a project . I am keen interested to learn hope your videos help me 🙂

  8. Thrift Be With You Avatar

    I can't find the 'General options' 🙁 why is everything so different? 🙁

  9. John Lugaresi Avatar

    Not liking this subscription, can't get in to premium. What happened?

  10. Mohsin Uae Avatar

    its nice and help me i want to create excellent education site….could u whatsapp me here +971553718005

  11. Len May Avatar

    James does an excellent series of videos to help.  If you want to learn WordPress, you should consider visiting his site.  This one was a little brief and not as full as his others.  I would like to see some of his recommendations for themes that are full featured.

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