WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2015

Learn how to make a WordPress website!






21 responses to “WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2015”

  1. Talona Young Avatar

    Thank you. Your information was very useful.

  2. Alex Sanders Avatar

    hello. forgot how to hide my wordpress ID so no-one can see where my posts are coming from… could you please remind me how to do that? thanks in advance

  3. Jess D Avatar

    almost the whole thing was an ad
    hardly 2 minutes in the middle that helped slightly

  4. Symboli Avatar

    Please cut the bullshit! You waste the audience's time talking about where WP is used.

  5. topher Ems Avatar

    MORE on bla bla bla,,,

  6. Stockade Productions Australia Avatar

    Tried to watch your tutorials but your voice is way too monotone. If you're going to make more videos, PLEASE work on moderating the tone of your voice, and please stop speaking softly into your microphone.
    If you have information that is worth listening to, your voice needs to sound engaging so that we don't get bored listening to the sound of your voice. I'm certain that you don't sound like this when you're speaking to your friends, and/or if you were teaching someone all this in person.

    Good luck for your future videos.

  7. In Cognito Avatar

    theres not enough time to tell these BLACK FOOT SOLDIER retards how ignorant and mislead they are PISSSSES ME OFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Webiens Avatar

    any updates of this ?

  9. Fukyu All Avatar

    Forgive him for the mistake, it's hard talking to yourself you fucking idiots. Great video bro thanks


    Unlike some of the other posters, I was struck by your introduction by the breadth of information you provide surrounding WordPress. Very good for a noob like me. Thank you!

  11. Colorless Green Avatar

    There is next to no useful information in this video. It's as if some idiot that doesn't understand the first thing about the web technologies figured out how to buy a domain and use wordpress, and got so excited, he decided to give a superficial explanation of the features of the tool in this video.

  12. Anita Andrews Avatar

    really helpful!! thank you

  13. Isah Mohammad Avatar

    The tutorial is very helpful good job

  14. Peter Gates Avatar

    I'm none the bloody wiser!

  15. Catherine Huffman Avatar

    I set the blog but I can not find where i can have people ask question or where i can post any thing. Could you please help me. I am starting a support blog for free

  16. Martin Burt Avatar

    Loved your video, WordPress is amazing I like to learn more about it. Thanks

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