WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2017: 😀Step by Step Build Your Website

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Video Chapters Index:
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0:29 Website Overview
2:50 Why WordPress?
3:21 How Much Will It Cost?
4:11 Web Hosting
8:48 Welcome Email
9:10 cPanel Install WordPress
12:00 Logging in to WordPress
12:26 Setting up the Theme
14:50 – Website Logo
16:06 – Homepage Sliders
20:26 – Homepage Heading & Description
22:00 – Homepage Featured Areas
26:03 Creating the Pages
29:06 Contact Form
55:12 Sidebar Widget Area
59:02 Permalinks
1:00:02 Website Title & Description
1:02:13 Social Icons
1:03:09 Search Engine Optimization Plugins
1:03:54 – All in One SEO Pack
1:07:11 – SEO Friendly Images
1:08:28 – WP Super Cache
1:09:00 – Google XML Sitemaps
1:09:41 – Ping List

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In this wordpress tutorial for beginners 2017 video I show you step by step how to create a wordpress website from scratch! My wordpress for beginners video also includes a short wordpress seo tutorial where I show you how to use various wordpress seo plugins to help your website show up in search results.

At the start of this wordpress tutorial video I also explain what you need to get a website online so that if you have never done it before then I’ve got everything covered in the video.

If you are looking for a wordpress website tutorial for beginners video that shows you how to build a wordpress website or blog, as well as wordpress seo tips and tricks, then you’ll love this video.
In this wordpress for beginners tutorial we use the Zerif Lite theme, a popular cool WordPress theme that helps us create a professional looking WordPress website.

My wordpress website for beginners videos are 100% newbie friendly, as I cover everything from start to finish so you don’t need any previous wordpress or website design experience to get started! I have many more wordpress tutorials for beginners coming up so feel free to Subscribe for new video alerts.

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29 responses to “WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2017: 😀Step by Step Build Your Website”

  1. Andy Taylor Avatar

    As Helen said below – This tutorial made me actually appreciate WordPress for what is can do and how it all works…so thanks for that.
    A very helpful tutorial when I was struggling with what bit does what, and generally scratching my head over it all. Although I am not starting from scratch…but with an advanced site that is already built. I didn't know where to start…but now I do.


    this video helped me a lot … thanks a lot bro

  3. kimani njogu Avatar

    Thanks best video i have seen, very easy to understand

  4. samwel olomi Avatar

    will I be able to monetize my site with baby plan?…

  5. Ejiofor Augustine Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very easy to understand

  6. Matthew Morgan Avatar

    Great vid! Is it possible to give visitors logins i.e. make video content password protected?

  7. Romana Klyuka Avatar

    I created one more pages for my website and wanted to create additional page like parent , like you did on 40 seconds and I did everything what you showed but that additional pages under features won't show up , can you help to solve this ? Thank you

  8. Ruwan Gunawardana Avatar

    Fantastic demonstration! thank you

  9. Rodolfo Gatchalian Avatar

    Thank you for this tutorial. I learned a lot about the WordPress. 🙂

  10. Akan Archibong Avatar

    I learnt alot thanks

  11. david uzodinma Avatar

    hello sir, which pluggin enables you to create styllistic image presentation like powerpoint?

  12. Ismail Tayebi Avatar

    so you don't need to download wordpress?

  13. Church of Faith Ministries Avatar

    This is great i have learnt a lot on this training God Bless

  14. Sulav Academy Avatar

    i use wordpress.com but i actually want to try wordpress.org on my same website ….. so can i change my website from .com to .org without the need to create a new one ? and how to do that ? please help and thank you so much

  15. Michael Wildman Avatar

    Thx for you help. It was tremendously helpful. I have almost completed my website and will be posting it soon. One question, how do you adjust the bottom footer details in Traffica?

  16. MC Sounds Avatar

    picture are not showing.When i first loaded this theme, i don't see the image or slider from the example site at all. So i need a image slider first? or show the theme come with one? I think i am missing 1 step? HELPPPP ANYONE!!!!….lol

  17. Meggan Stolz Avatar

    i can no longer find the social icons since the theme has been updated. Where are they located now? Also, how do i change the footer text after downloading your child theme?

  18. Catarina Smith Avatar

    I just made my first web page. It was so easy with you explaining everything so well! It was so much fun too. I never thought I could do it. THANK YOU!tasteofsweden.com.au

  19. naga raju Avatar

    Thank u very much……

  20. Robert J. Barnhill Avatar

    Thanks for an excellent tutorial! I am editing a website created by a predecessor here at work, using the theme Sydney.

    As a template, it doesn't allow some of the moves I've seen in other tutorials, such as creating social media links. I was able to add our fb, twitter, and pinterest icons…but oddly enough, not youtube. Any thoughts on that?

    Many thanks, again!

    Robert J. Barnhill
    Newton Homeopathics
    American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy

  21. Gord Goetz Avatar

    If I had 4 hands I would give 4 thumbs up! Thanks so much

  22. Jack Mallon Avatar

    I love this video. However, I am wondering when you first go onto the website at 13:18 have you already published it. Every time I test something out in "Customizing your webpage" it gives me the option to "Save & Publish", but I am not sufficiently comfortable with what I have to publish it.

  23. Malcolm Nicoll Avatar

    Can't get past step one. I've only been able to put my title and a couple photos. Try as I may, I can't get ahead. Frustrating as hell!

  24. ozorking Bonny. D Avatar

    please how can i add a download link on a video i copied from another website to my web side and i want the video to bear my link when ever a visitor click on the download link..

  25. Ashun Saul Avatar

    http://www.websitewizard.tv/ Thank You. May Almighty God Bless You Always.

  26. Martin Paquette Avatar

    Thank you for this great tutorial… Trying to follow the "Click Here" that appears at about 1:01:00 to have unlimited sliders but the link is a different tutorial. Do you still have that link available ?

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