Workflow: Node

In this video, I discuss how I use node.js and global packages (to generate p5 sketches, run a web server) as part of my workflow.


🔗 iTerm:
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🔗 Node:
🔗 npm:
🔗 p5-manager:
🔗 http-server:
🔗 live-server:

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29 responses to “Workflow: Node”

  1. Ay Cab Avatar

    So many quality tips sprinkled in there. Thank you!

  2. Thomas Synths Avatar

    I’m confused. How does the live server get the browser to reload the page. Does it inject event listeners into the served webpage? What’s the magic?

  3. deef0000dragon1 Avatar

    Sudo is not super user do. It's actually substitute user do. You can use sudo to act as any user you have permission for. It's just the default is root. Su is the same. Can be anyone but root is default.

  4. Mempler Avatar

    Btw prefer yarn over npm

  5. Mempler Avatar

    Workflow: C++ when?


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  7. avi12 Avatar

    12:44 For example, Web Workers will only work on servers – local or a remote one. Chrome blocks Web Worker's functionality when opening the file through the computer's file system

  8. Yamboy1 Avatar

    If you install node via nvm, it installs directly in your home folder, so no perms required, and you can update node/npm with a single command

  9. Charbel Sarkis Avatar

    Just download the live server extension

  10. atrumluminarium Avatar

    Will you ever be covering some Typescript Dan?

  11. Leo1011 Avatar

    Hey dan, does that live server consume much RAM? 'Cause my PC doesn't even run Android Studio! Thanks for the video!

  12. CODE BRAiN Avatar

    The Coding Train is the awesome channel. I have learned a lot from here and even started my own channel being influenced to share knowledges. This channel has made difference to me. Thank you very much. I have started coding tutorial videos in Nepal and I am always looking for good suggestions and feedback. Lots of love and respect from Nepal.

  13. THΣlement Avatar

    Didn't notice you were Indian

  14. sllent [coder] Avatar

    Hello everybody i have made a website( and it was the chat example but i have added remembering usernames and auto logging in with cookies, password to log in as a mod, logging out button, styled it a bit more. i would really love if u guys would like to check it out i have worked on it for a very long time!

  15. Yanick Rochon Avatar

    Dan, a better workflow is using Meteor ( ) 🙂

    It not only perform autoreload in the browser, offer a full stack environment, but it handles file extensions through generating legacy JS for older browsers and optimized JS for newer browsers automatically. It can even be used to create apps for Android and iOS from the exact same code base.

  16. welovfree Avatar

    The only time an infinite loop is not a bug is when you write one that says "Thank you" to this guy!

  17. Filyb Avatar

    I love you senpai

  18. killox Avatar

    I will need to use this because i attempted to host an io game on firebase but it was too slow. Thanks man.

  19. Palundrium Avatar

    Was about to ask what shell you're using, then checked the video description… You're one step ahead. Although I do wish there was a remotely good terminal/console emulator like Windows for anything Mac/Linux/Unix-like out there.

  20. NASAKOP Avatar

    Hi can you do processing java line – circle collisions? Please reply

  21. Scythe Avatar

    great, this has been in the recommendation of the git video even though it's unlisted. nice

  22. Médéric Bellemare Avatar

    can you try make video on webpack compiler =_= im so done with it XD

  23. Majete1010 Avatar

    all this videos just inspired me to do so much 🙂

  24. Ben Avatar

    Are you going to do python 9:55

  25. Malte Avatar

    These kind of videos are actually really enjoyable and interesting to watch!

  26. Kenneth Solomon Avatar

    First! Please Notice me!

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