Workflow: Python and Virtualenv

In this video, I set up a python environment (Python 2 and 3) with Virtualenv.


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20 responses to “Workflow: Python and Virtualenv”

  1. Synaxis Avatar

    when you will talk about logic for beginners 🙁

  2. DiNOo Gaming Avatar

    and i thought i know everything about python !

  3. soumya mohapatra Avatar

    Why don't you start using python?

  4. Aníbal Gabriel M. V. Avatar

    I personally prefer pyenv, which is able to install all flavors and versions from source. Installation times are horrible, but it's not so bad considering how rare I'll need to do it (looking at you, stack).

    Leaving preferences aside, this is a great tutorial! :3

  5. eduardo kiriakos Avatar

    "pip freeze" for list all dependencies installed in the enviroment

  6. Furrane Avatar

    11:21 exit(); Haha, old habits die hard :p

  7. Yousuf Azad Sami Avatar

    I first came across your videos few years back; it was about Box2D engine. You didn't have beard back then. With time I forgot the channel name. Few days back I stumbled upon your videos, didn't take much to recognize it's you. Same positive energy, enthusiasm and simple explanation! Love it!

  8. Zarren Spry Avatar

    pipenv is a massive improvement upon virtualenv.

  9. Sandeep Reddy Avatar

    Try some machine learning concepts in python

  10. ismellpedo Avatar

    pip is a recursive acronym for "pip installs packages".

  11. ionkinetic Avatar

    If you are not useing Python 3
    Please, Stop…… get help.


  12. Azez Nassar Avatar

    Didn't you know coded Python, thoughts on pipenv?

  13. Wojciech Niedbala Avatar

    You should use pipenv in 2018 🙂 it is much easier

  14. Atharva Pagare Avatar

    Thanks for the video

  15. Samuel Ketechie Avatar

    Great and thanks a lot

  16. dR.Garuby Avatar

    is there a funcion like p5.js Translate in PyGame ?

  17. Anurag Tripathi Avatar

    Thanks i Was Waiting for this Video only

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