XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 1 [XCode 4.6]

XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners is a series to teach you how to navigate around and use XCode to build iPhone apps. We are using the latest XCode 4.6 version.

These XCode tutorials are aimed at beginners. Stay tuned for more XCode episodes as we walkthrough all aspects of the XCode environment!

In this episode, we talk about where to get XCode 4.6 for your Mac.

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31 responses to “XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 1 [XCode 4.6]”

  1. tipsysniper Avatar

    this was literally a tutorial on how to search xcode in google

  2. PC_MAN18 Avatar

    What kind of mouse is that????

  3. Jaymaica Avatar

    ipad air 2 iphone 5s and iphone se macbook air

  4. MotionInMotion1975 Avatar

    Chris, Im a .NET programmer (VB). I never got into iOS programming but I have to if I want to keep my job. Is it too hard to learn? Will it take too long? Thanks.

  5. Prashant Vadnere Avatar

    2 iphones, 1 Macbook air. Thanks for the great Tutorial bro! You've incredible teaching skills & u make things simple, systematic (this one n ur other episodes in the series)!… Hats off to u bro!…

  6. Carlos Trigueros Avatar

    I got 8 ios devises and 2 mac

  7. Travis Ridley Avatar

    The fun fact here blew me away. I'm an iOS Senior At Home Advisor for Apple. Our department for iOS is super larger compared to the Mac+ department, and now I see why.

  8. VideoNations Avatar

    Xcode doesn't want to install via app store, other apps do, it just doesn't show that i need to insert the password… weird…

  9. Apple-Tech-Info13 Avatar

    I have 6 iOS devices and 3 OS X devices

  10. Farooq Shiak Avatar

    i have macbook retina 1 iphone 4s and ipad mini

  11. ailoveu100 Avatar

    hey  bro how can i use c and c++ in Xcode?

  12. Michael Evans Avatar

    iphone 6
    macbook air
    ipad air

  13. greenLeaf gecko Avatar

    new 2015 13" macbook pro and an ipad mini 2 and one dead 17" imac 2004

  14. Siwatu Spikes Avatar

    I have in my house hold 2 Macbook Pros, 4 iPhones, 4 iPads, 3 iPods Nanos, 1iPod Mini, 1 iPod Shuffle, and 1 iPod – all which I still used to this date to conduct different activities.

  15. Denis Grabina Avatar

    I have 1 macbook pro Retina, iPhone 6 and iPad 3

  16. charlie boy Avatar

    I got a quick question. Im using Xcode to program C++ applications and have just started using Xcode actually. After I have completed my coding for a finished application. How do I save it as a file that can be run outside of Xcode like and other application when its been finished coded. Aka turn it into a fully functional execution file. Obviously I'm scripting on a OS X sys.

  17. Tristan .Mc Avatar

    can you use xcode on windows?

  18. 2tymer Avatar

    2 macbooks 1 ipad 1 iphone 5s

  19. Game Toy Avatar

    thats a weird mouse he used

  20. Rolando Valencia Solis Avatar

    2 ipod touch, 2 iphones, 2 ipads and I love them all

  21. UCS Vapor Avatar

    1 ipad, ive had 4 iphones, 2 ipod touches, an ipod nano, and a Macbook that i am typing on right now. (Seriously…)

  22. Christopher Edwards Avatar

    ios devices are expensive

  23. Kevin OGN Avatar

    Do we need previous experiences in working with other code languages in order to understand this?

  24. khdijah Alameen Avatar

    i liked u thank u so much .. with my regards from ksa

  25. Hulksmasing Avatar

    Thank you Chris, greetings from Turkey.

  26. JJM Gaming Avatar

    I got 3 ios devices iphone iPod and iPad all latest model and also macbook

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