XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 2 [XCode 4.6]

XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners is a series to teach you how to navigate around and use XCode to build iPhone apps. We are using the latest XCode 4.6 version.

These XCode tutorials are aimed at beginners. Stay tuned for more XCode episodes as we walkthrough all aspects of the XCode environment!

In this episode, we talk about the main sections of the XCode interface.

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40 responses to “XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 2 [XCode 4.6]”

  1. Deepesh M Avatar

    where did you get your mouse and keyboard?

  2. Stig Solheim Avatar

    Im a IOS nerd. Have it all.
    But, have a dream, thats it to manage to use Xcode

  3. taquane williams Avatar

    Thanks Chris for this tutorial. I was wondering in your honest opinion how long you think it will take to master xcode?

  4. TINKERMAN Avatar

    Few people I know, know what OS or IOS is. Except in my geek club.

  5. Romlang Avatar

    You're such a nice guy Chris ! Your tutorial is really enjoyable to watch.

  6. Michael Evans Avatar

    Worked Best Buy mobile… if you didn't know iOS then GTFO

  7. Jack Hale Avatar

    i live in a small town on the coast of Australia and we use iOS more than we use apple :/

  8. Notoriouszyanga Avatar

    thank you for the help.. The fun facts are like treats!! great work.ithankyou

  9. JJM Gaming Avatar

    All my friends know what ios is it got really well known when ios 7 was introduced

  10. Nicole Martinez Avatar

    I have asked friends who ask me or help with their iphones touches and ipads about theit ios and or what version of software and most  are clueless to what I am asking about.

  11. Charlie Henbury Avatar

    Great videos Chris! I'm trying to get into computer coding. Just the other day I was figuring out HTML.

  12. asimexico Avatar

    Hi, I tried to start XCode, it wanted me to select from Cocoa app and other, ¿what are those?

  13. Joshnotchuck Avatar

    Even my mum knows what iOS is and she can barely send an email, plus she uses a Windows phone!

  14. Crunch 360 Avatar

    You are so right about no one knowing about iOS! Anyways love your videos!

  15. Daniel Proctor Avatar

    Can Java be used as code in Xcode or is it javascript, or?

  16. Sam Tang Avatar

    Great work Chris!

  17. Unicornstalk Avatar

    I'm on the third episode and I haven't fucked anything up yet!

  18. Amineo Avatar

    Cisco's router and switch operating systems are also called iOS so I usually refer to it as Apple iOS.

  19. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hey TechTime it's an Evoluent Vertical Mouse. Thanks for watching!

  20. TechTime Avatar

    what kind of mouse is that

  21. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks Miguel! Be sure to check out the new BASICS series too!

  22. Miguel Mayo Avatar

    Well Done Chris! thanks

  23. CodeWithChris Avatar

    lol i love your comment!

  24. Finn Fallowfield Avatar

    ios is known, now by many people because of ios7's massive hype. (or at least people who are vaguely tech loving).

  25. Pants Avatar

    All my family knows what ios is because I can't shut up

  26. Francy Ma Avatar

    Haha yes it´s real some people didn´t know what ios is when you talk about it

  27. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks for your support Sai!

  28. Ingmars Gross Avatar

    Minecraft is written in Java…. Im pretty sure you cant code minecraft plugins with xcode…

  29. Sai Karnati Avatar

    Thanks man I subbed

  30. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks for watching and the support, Maze !

  31. AsmodaiPC Avatar

    This is the most simple tutorital EVER! I love this, Thanks!

  32. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks Humberto, glad to have you!

  33. Rami Sako Avatar

    99.9% of my friends have no idea what i mean when i say iOS to to them

  34. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hello! Sorry i don't know anything about plugin creation for minecraft 🙁

  35. Aisha Almaamari Avatar

    iphone operating system.

  36. Poisoned Rat Avatar

    Can i code minecraft plugins with xCode and if I can can you show me how?

  37. CodeWithChris Avatar

    It's ergonomic! Your dad must have typed a lot 🙂

  38. Jshulman1995 Avatar

    My dad used to have a keyboard like that. Funny.

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