XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 4 [XCode 4.6]

XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners is a series to teach you how to navigate around and use XCode to build iPhone apps. We are using the latest XCode 4.6 version.

These XCode tutorials are aimed at beginners. Stay tuned for more XCode episodes as we walkthrough all aspects of the XCode environment!

In this episode, we talk about how to add files to your XCode project!

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48 responses to “XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 4 [XCode 4.6]”

  1. Bo Maktoum Avatar

    I dont ander stand

  2. Dale Stevens Avatar

    I went to the site for your source code…Which link is it that is used in this video? Could not find XCode_Adding Files..Apologies if this is a stupid question

  3. Zhirayr Karapetyan Avatar

    I'm totally confused lol
    do you think we can have a google chat to help me understand all this better?

  4. Nicole Martinez Avatar

    I think public's desire to have the newest coolest "toy" has gotten out of hand.  The price would eventually go down if people refused to pay the price.  But the willingness for people to boycott or even do more than just complain is not what it use to be.

  5. LewisWasTaken Avatar

    do you have to pay for the developer program?

  6. Law Lon Y Avatar

    can you talk about the coding in the '.h' and '.m' ? thx:)

  7. HunturRinfroe Avatar

    Can someone tell me that what type of code is in iOS/Android app developing?!

  8. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks for the heads up.. Added them!

  9. Glenn Zealous Avatar

    there is no quick links at the end of the video to link to the next one.

  10. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hey Humberto, if you have an iphone 4, that's enough for the purpose of development! Its only unless you want the 4S for your personal use because of Siri and better hardware specs, but for development, the iPhone 4 is good enough.

  11. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Planning to do so! But it'll probably be a couple of months until i get to it.. i want to finish covering building apps first.

  12. CodeWithChris Avatar

    thanks for watching Brandon!

  13. Brandon Crooks Avatar

    I love your videos! Amazing work!

  14. Mahip Deora Avatar

    hello can you please make a video on how to make a game or is it to hard

  15. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hello! It's the Evoluent vertical mouse

  16. DiMartino Avatar

    what mouse do you use?

  17. Justin Nichols Avatar

    I believe that the price of most technology todays has become so bloated and over valued that it is ridiculous. But the business is the same as any other, supply and demand. They know that we will buy it, so they just keep jacking it up.

  18. dpcuoco Avatar

    I love how each video you start out clicking nothing then look at the screen

  19. David Burian Avatar

    Hey Chris I just subscribed to you, not only because you are making wonderful videos, but you are trying to help us in the comment section. And I really appreciate this. I understand that once there will be more subscribers and more comments and there is no way a human can handle that much answers in 24-hour-long day. So for this moment I want to ask you a question. What kind of mouse are you using and why? Thanks for answering. And keep doing brilliant job! Subs will come. (Sorry for English)

  20. Mohamed Wagdy Avatar

    Da enta batee2 kalb

  21. Clever Mike Thay Avatar

    Hey!! just a quick question. Why does my viewcontroller.xib file missing?

  22. tejaswini oke Avatar

    hey i liked the idea about organizing, i haven't seen it doing in others videos. Good

  23. Daniel C Avatar

    Apple is WAY over valued

  24. coolguyau1 Avatar

    hi chris, I am trying to learn xcode. Where on your website can i download the projects. I did look there but it only lists
    – Class Declaration
    – Method Declaration
    – Scoping
    – Memory Management
    – ARC (Automatic Reference Counting)
    – Properties
    – The IF Statement

    thanks for taking the time to create these videos

  25. mominca Avatar

    ya i did and it felt like a "brick" lol

  26. Deepak sahu Avatar

    Pls make you'r X code full screen while making video's , So that we can see detail's on slow network. GREAT WORK.

  27. Aaron Batchelder Avatar

    What does it mean if your files are red text after opening the Xcode project?

  28. DaveTheMedic Avatar

    If you mean video quality, click the gear icon and change it to 1080 or 720, whatever one you want.

  29. videotechdude Avatar

    You forgot to put the annotations at the end of the video!!! It is ok I see the next video on the side. Just wanted to let you know,

  30. canadianinhk Avatar

    Hi, Chris
    Are you offering your helpful videos at a higher video rate, so when I go to full screen I can read the writing, etc. of your demos?

  31. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hey! I believe that once you select it, you can't change it. If you link it up to your google plus account, it'll use your real name.

  32. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hey LissaBluee, thanks for the request! I'll definitely write that down for the future. I intend to finish the basics and foundation before i get into how to accomplish specific tasks. Subscribe to stay posted!

  33. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hey XIIrenoIIX, thanks for the suggestion! I'm thinking of some sort of podcast right now. Not sure if it'll be video/audio. Did you check out my other video series to Learn Objective-C For Beginners? Sounds like it's exactly what you're looking for!

  34. Raiden Louie Avatar

    I have a question not about xcode. How do you change your youtube name?

  35. Lissa Blue Avatar

    In your next episode you should talk about resizing photos. I have an image for my app but i'm having a difficult time putting one in

  36. reno delacasas Avatar

    Ya I would like to see video podcasts for download. A beginners guide to objective C would be nice to see as well.

  37. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hello XIIrenoIIX, thanks for your feedback! Do you mean video podcast on iTunes?


  38. reno delacasas Avatar

    I would like to see some of the video podcast to have that up while i am working in xcode. Great tuts man keep it up!

  39. CodeWithChris Avatar

    lol We need you around here more often to spread the pun, i mean fun!

  40. CodeWithChris Avatar

    I tend to agree! Unfortunately, so many people are willing to pay the high prices 😛

  41. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hey Dawson, that's interesting! You're the first person to give me this idea, but when you say "podcast" do you mean audio only? or can i put it on iTunes as a video podcast?

  42. Themattt28 Avatar

    why cant you just use the youtube app on your ipad

  43. koori56 Avatar

    WAY TO HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Runeloz Avatar

    Im sure others have asked you, but do you post these on itunes as podcasts? I would like to watch them on my ipad.

  45. Swift with Shani Avatar

    I am comparing apples to oranges, pun intended.

  46. Swift with Shani Avatar

    Comparing apples to oranges that is… Pun intended.

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