XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 5 [XCode 4.6]

XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners is a series to teach you how to navigate around and use XCode to build iPhone apps. We are using the latest XCode 4.6 version.

These XCode tutorials are aimed at beginners. Stay tuned for more XCode episodes as we walkthrough all aspects of the XCode environment!

In this episode, we talk about folder references versus groups in terms of organizing your XCode project!

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31 responses to “XCode 4 Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 5 [XCode 4.6]”

  1. John Pilley Avatar

    Thanks Chris! I'm just learning and really appreciate your videos.

  2. CraZayTube Avatar

    i think its odd that u actually believe in surveys and ur a developer/computer scientist. i dont truth anything that involves a human, becomin a computer scientist made me like that lol. 

  3. Lauren Kallio Avatar

    For those of us willing to watch from beginning to end and put to practice your lessons, you are an excellent teacher. Every single video I've watched has been incredibly helpful! I get frustrated to see so many people ask questions without the patience to watch the whole video or even the correct video on the subject they are looking for! Haters gonna hate. For the rest of us, your video series is amazing. Very well done. I tell everyone about your site.

  4. Nicole Martinez Avatar

    No one likes smudges on there TV so I would have to say in order for a TV to go touch, someone will have to invent a truly smudge free screen or it would have to have some type of sensor field an inch or more before it so that you don't actually touch the screen.  By the way, my 10 year old daughter asked me what as the first electronic toy I ever had.  I asked her hand held or TV video game?  She replied hand held.  I looked up the Coleco Head to head football TV commercial on youtube and showed her.  She laughed and said "You got to be kidding.  It's just lights.  What's the fun in that?"  I told her when I was a kid that was as exciting and fun as her ipad mini.  She looked at me as if I were crazy.

  5. Dixon Adair Avatar

    Sorry, I don't see the advantage of the "group" system; I realize, as you say in the video, that everyone works in different ways and all, but can you explain why there would ever be an advantage to the group system. Thanks!

  6. Dixon Adair Avatar

    These videos are helpful because I can definitely see how file/folder management could get messy pretty quickly. Frankly, it seems like it would be better if the default in XCode were for all the folders to be blue in the first place, that is, tied to the file system on your computer. So…might it be a good practice at the start of a project to just get rid of all the "group" files and folders as they appear in the XCode Navigator Bar and replace them with the blue files from your computer? That way, any changes made in XCode would henceforth be reflected in the file system, and vice versa.

  7. MrDayinthepark Avatar

    Your observations about youth, embracing touch-screen technology, is extremely relevant and insightful.  Microsoft designed the mouse, keyboard, GUI, and Apple went touch screen on mobile devices.  Android brought touch screen mobile devices to more people, at a lower price (and some new features).  This ball is going to keep rolling, clearly.  Mobile touch-screens are here.  (let's all just watch the road while we're driving!)  Mobile touch-screens, are the future.

  8. WhyD aphack Avatar

    Thanks a lot my friend

  9. WhyD aphack Avatar

    OMG dude, I want to know how to do the actual coding and make an app, not sort out my files

  10. zach wasil Avatar

    Developers have big brains and years of training but if Steve Jobs were alive today i bet he would say, "there has got to be an easier way!"

  11. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks Joao! You're totally right; persistence and hard work!

  12. CodeWithChris Avatar

    I appreciate the comment, but if you're looking for code, check out my Basics or Objective-C series!

  13. João Caetano Avatar

    lol, my friend once you are a football player you must have to train and practice everyday, the same with xCode you have to learn all the things even the the most driers details.
    Now for you Chris, nice tutorials that you have!! I see you from portugal!


  14. Jshulman1995 Avatar

    My niece and nephew at one knew how to swipe to unlock, open the music app, pause, play, and skip sounds. Crazyness

  15. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hey Junaid, I hear you loud and clear! This was my first attempt to teach and i think creating two series (1 xcode and 1 objc) was a wrong move. So i've started a new series (my latest video called the basics) which aims to teach both xcode and objc along the way of lots of hands on examples! Hope to see you in the audience!

  16. Junaid Kureshi Avatar

    so now i just finished you playlist of Xcode tutorials for beginners, so many things are really confusing at this point as i have zero programming experience, jumping to the next playlist of objective c programming lets see how successful u r there to let the people like me to start and have better foundation. every where they start with saying u dont need any programming background and then they keep the pace and style like they have pros in their class, i think u will be different, see u there

  17. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thank you! I really appreciate comments like this 🙂
    I'm going to start adding more practical material to start putting some of what we've learned into practice!

  18. CodeWithChris Avatar

    My plan was to teach the theory and after all of that, then show how to put together an app, but i realize that I'm losing people so I'm revamping everything to take a more practical approach! If you're interested, check out my site, it's the first post (i posted it a day ago) saying how i'm going to change everything to make it more practical.

    tldr: i'm going to revamp the series and teach concepts along the way while showing how to build several apps

    I hope you'll stay!

  19. Muhamad Ammar Aboo Bakar Avatar

    i just subscribed you… good explanation… Thank you.

  20. Mat Davis Avatar

    very good information, explained very well, I just subscribed and liked! Thank you!

  21. Nick Frei Avatar

    How many subscribers do you have? Because you are awesome. Maybe I can learn from you, and we can FaceTime. i'm a teen with big dreams, and I have an app idea, that will win over tons of people. Reply back please! You are awesome man.

  22. Dylain Avatar

    Chris, its time for more tutorials buddy! How on earth am I supposed to learn anything without your glorious videos?

  23. Apeksha Patel-Sahib Avatar

    Great tutorials Chris! Thank you!

  24. CIPHERJAY Avatar

    omg chris my baby cousin did exactly the same thing! Her dad had an ipad and she went up to a computer screen thinking that she could control it by touch 🙂

  25. Daniel Cosgrave Avatar

    I'm on Episode 5 now Chris! Thanks so much for the help. Its going to help me make an app for my company. Can't thank you enough, looking forward to watching more & I subscribed to your Website, Cheers Dan (Ireland, Dublin)

  26. Fubajizzle Avatar

    Chris this is great and im learning a lot. Two questions. What is the next episode? Also just wondering what mouse are you using in your video because I've never seen anything like it? But amazing Series!!!

  27. henk henkeinstein Avatar

    Is your job making apps?
    Great video 🙂

  28. i am Souls Avatar

    Yeah these are excellent! I can't wait for the next one!

  29. Francisco Garcia Avatar

    great step by step. Please go further! 🙂

  30. ianosgk Avatar

    more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Dick Sowar Avatar

    You have a great demeanor and presentation style. Looking forward to more … learning a lot! Thanks

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