Xcode Tips – How to Find The Detailed Error Message For Your App Crash

Xcode Tips
How to Find The Detailed Error Message For Your App Crash

When your app crashes, it’s not obvious what’s wrong a lot of the time! In addition to that, Xcode doesn’t always highlight the correct line of code that is causing the issue!

Many beginners don’t know that the console actually tells you what the error is about all the way at the top! Check out this Xcode tip video to find out how to determine what’s wrong with your app when it crashes!

Xcode Tutorials and Tips is a video series for explaining how to navigate and use Xcode as well as handy shortcuts, tips and tricks to maximize your productivity!

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4 responses to “Xcode Tips – How to Find The Detailed Error Message For Your App Crash”

  1. Rawan FA Avatar

    Hey Chris, thank you for your helpful videos. When I use the firebase and run the app I get that message

    This is the error:
    Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'com.firebase.core', reason: '[FIRApp configure] could not find a valid GoogleServices-Info.plist in your project. Please download one from https://console.firebase.google.com/.'

    I download the file and I still have the same error
    I use Xcode 8

  2. Spot me bro Avatar

    Are you serious? Thats it?
    Doesn't anybody know this after 2 hours with Xcode?
    Is this how to debug a hello world app?

    5 minutes wasted

  3. Tryoh Avatar

    Hey Chris!! I have having this error for 12 days and can't fix it, please help!

    This is the error:
    "Invalid Request: requesting subtype without specifying idiom"

  4. Alexander Thal Avatar

    Thank you! Keep it up!

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