XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 1 – Downloading a Text Editor

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42 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 1 – Downloading a Text Editor”

  1. UmwegWurst Avatar

    thanks Bucky, I'm from Korea and from 2 years ago I was trying to learn HTML from tons of websites,
    they were so bored and i didn't find any fun that made me gave up
    but with your lessons I never bored and make me learn and practice more 🙂

  2. pipo Avatar

    youre awesome man, your vids are helpful in 2017

  3. Mert Kerem Yavuz Avatar

    You sound like Scott Weiland. Weird.

  4. Zeeshan Rafaqat Avatar

    how can I install  notepad++ on Mac?

  5. trusted mind Avatar

    any good text editor for xhtml/css in 2017 other than notepad++?

  6. Sunum sunum Avatar

    Hi. Can anybody help me please? What order I need to follow for full stack web developer?

  7. Rani Agrawal Avatar

    You are really sweet and awesome Bucky. Thanks for your videos.

  8. JiMMEEDiA Avatar

    MAC user : i downloaded Caret to follow along to this tutorial based on a recommendation in a previous comment below –> IF you are a mac user and know this will not work//know a better option PLEASE message me or reply

  9. lin kun Avatar

    For those who try to learn HTML on a mac like me, I recommend using sublime as the text editor, its super convenient and helpful.

  10. Danish malik Avatar

    What should i download for macbook? I downloaded visual studio and searched for html and css, a bunch of stuff came up dont know which one to download :

  11. Damilola Odili Avatar

    Hi Bucky, when working on css did u save the folder as .html?

  12. MV VIDEOS Avatar

    nice video bro i want to ask that can we start hacking after learning all this

  13. Joseph Nicholson Avatar

    Bucky Great videos, I've never downloaded notepad++ or an equivalent before, now that I've finished the whole playlist I can make a basic webpage

  14. CrowBag Avatar

    Just watched these back to back all day whilst taking notes XD a youtube channel called Enoch strung them all together like a movie like you said in tutorial 44 saying "who would watch that?" well I did and thanks alot man 😀

  15. Nguyen Duc Hoang Avatar

    thanks for excellent tutorial

  16. WonderfulMemoriEZ Avatar

    guys who is watching this in 2017 ?

  17. Jonathan Adams Avatar

    Who is this guy Enoch that took all these videos and put them all together. I knew something was wrong when the comments were disabled. Luckily you are smart enough to put your website in the tutorials.

  18. Ravi Ratn Ambuj Avatar

    Thankyou so much Bucky ! You are absolutely a good teacher.I enjoyed learning HTML with these tutorials and your way of teaching makes it more interesting.Keep up the Good work man.!! God Bless You !!

  19. Saad Aljalowdi Avatar

    I'm from Mars and I understand everything you say btw I'm 196 🙂

  20. JOSEPH SMITH Avatar

    Bucky is the best

  21. Laser PewPew TM Avatar

    I just wanted to learn web programming so I decided to choose computer science but after watching your HTML and CSS tutorial series, it makes me want to get a summer job before school. Thanks bucky! You're the best!

  22. Mukete Bongy Avatar

    so educating video

  23. Manoj Dabriwal Avatar

    Is there any android app for notepad++. If yes then can u provide me the link or anything else.

  24. Joshua Lopez Avatar

    Bucky, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make these great videos. Like Kelly Wu, I am also a first year Computer Science Major and I have already been complimented on my skills! Thanks to you!

  25. TheUltimateProgrammer Avatar

    can use this to learn html instead of xhtml

  26. SuedeMonkey Avatar

    dude, i hope you get rich. thanks for all these tutorials!

  27. Elijah Deah Avatar

    Bucky your tturtorial helping me a whole lot, you are the next Tim banner Lee.

  28. diona dewiriana Avatar

    bucky and alex, you know what, once I get rich for all the videos you made, I will donate for you a huge amount of money, I promise, I went from dont know what CMS is (for real) to an expert. You saved life of thousands. YOU GUYS ROCKS!

  29. MichaelForReason Avatar

    Became a web dev, only 'cause of you! be proud of yourself!

  30. Chintan Shah Avatar

    What is the difference between XHTML and HTML? Would it matter which one I learn for front end development?

  31. LandonPlayz - Gaming & More Avatar


    (name of page)
    <h1> <p> (name of paragraph) </h1> </p>


    Copy and paste that or copy and paste this:

    <!doctype html>


    <h1> Cool Website Wanna Be </h1>
    <p> <em> This is going to be a cool website… </p> </em> <em> Right now it aint cool….. 🙁 I think its time for a song-da da dong <b >
    This is a cool song – da da dong This aint boring . . . I like <u> cool</u> websites Yeah… du du du! </em>


    Choose htm file and store it in a new file (your choise of name… watch this series and have fun!!!!!!!!

  32. Leah Parker Avatar

    what if you don't have windows

  33. Kelly Jensen Avatar

    A dude stole all your videos with an account named Enoch. Half a million views that should be yours.

  34. J.L Avatar

    Bucky I effin love you man!!!

  35. Gaurav Mistary Avatar

    keep it up bucky!!!!…. I hope everything you have will help me become a good hacker.

  36. Talat Hussain Avatar

    1:20, I heard that siren in C++ videos as well 😀

  37. Hollanrewaju Daniel Avatar

    This man damn great, his tutorial has helped me a lot.

  38. Jesse G Avatar

    It's 2016 soooooo. Do you still think notepad++ is the best ? What does anyone think about brackets or Sublime Text 3? I have Sublime Text.

  39. Jesse G Avatar

    Bucky…..Thank You!

  40. Akash Bhalotia Avatar

    Bucky, I don't know whether anyone has told you that, but you ROCK!!!

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