XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 17 – RGB Color and Line Spacing

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30 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 17 – RGB Color and Line Spacing”

  1. sunil shinde Avatar

    why you aren't using .css file extension and run it like using .html

  2. Brock Lesnar Avatar

    12 assholes disliked it

  3. Alpha Wolf Avatar

    All your videos from this playlist have been combined and uploaded

  4. Brett Collins Avatar

    Goodmorning Bucky how did you arrange the text in the paragraph without using line breaker <br /> tag.? PLEASE

  5. LD Wyze Avatar

    line height of a paragraph defaults at about 125% Not 100%. Thats why 130% did not show much of a change.

  6. Ido Gabay Avatar

    the style sheet affects my paragraph but doesn't affect on h1
    i wrote :
    <style type="text/css">
    p {color:red;font-family:david;} <!–element, property, value –>
    h1 {color:red;}

    help guys


  7. Aman Jain Avatar

    2017 and it saving infinite number of asses. Buck's tha thug of computer !!!! Real G brah!

  8. Tristen Edwin Avatar

    Couldn't you just copy and paste it from word?

  9. diogchris Avatar

    you are the best!

  10. Abdallah Amr Avatar

    please would you talk again about doctype ??

  11. Zhou Avatar

    So it is RBG or RGB? lol

  12. Daniel Neustadter Avatar

    I used to use rgb values in processing

  13. Vaishnavi Choudhary Avatar

    what if we have more than 1 paragraph in the program and we want to style differently to each paragraph? I mean in style sheet "p {……}" this will be applicable for all the paragraphs right?

  14. home pc Avatar

    how is '#' a pound sign
    isnt it a hashtag
    '£' is a pound sign

  15. The New Gamer Avatar

    i have about one year watching your tutorials but why don't you do tutorials for photoshop.

  16. Jon Bruce Avatar

    If anyone wants to know how to translate from RGB into Hex color codes, here's how.
    From the color c7ffb3, divide it into 3 parts. c7, ff, b3. Those are the Red, Green, and Blue values respectively. Then use this cipher:
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, a , b, c , d , e , f
    Then multiply 16(the base that computer numbers are built from, instead of our common 10) times the digits for each part. Our c7, for example, multiply 16 X c, which is 16 X 12 = 192. Then add 7, the second digit. 199 is c7. So the red value of c7ffb3 is 199. 🙂

  17. vihaan manchanda Avatar

    loved that cheeky that's what she said XD

  18. BRUSS LEE Avatar

    "Don't use hexadecimal color nobody uses that" and Bucky uses it in this very video xD

  19. Justin DeWolfe Avatar

    Not trying to be a troll but that's a Hex color

  20. Sergio Dos Santos Avatar

    hello!!!! how to i find the code color without the photshop? thanks 😉

  21. Guguloth Vijay Nayak Avatar

    colour is not appearing in my web page when i add this "
    <style type="text/css">
    please help me as soon as possible

  22. Makassi Brahima Traoré Avatar

    Thanks Bucky. But why is it that you did not use the line break element( <br/>)
    and we see that your lines are broken within the paragraph?

  23. Fredy Animation Avatar

    this vid is already 5 years old jessus

  24. Fredy Animation Avatar

    rgb not rbg nab and thats hex code

  25. stelkizi Avatar

    Dude that's a heading, not a header. Anyway, nice vids 🙂

  26. Anthony Zhou Avatar

    Difference between HEX and RGB: HEX: #330000, RGB: rgb(255,0,0)

  27. King Nathi Avatar

    what's the application he uses to generate the code?

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