XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 4 – Paragraphs and Line Breaks

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33 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 4 – Paragraphs and Line Breaks”

  1. md.shahadat hossain Avatar

    Your girl is keep sending you texts . My girl also wants to keep me with her always and texts and calls all the time 🙁 -_-

  2. inadaizz Avatar

    ADHD texting momen for the win lol. We;ve all been there brother.

  3. MJ Sanchez Avatar

    Buckey Roberts is a great teacher !!!

  4. Dilan Sachintha Avatar

    u r so awesome
    so much thanks for making these cool tutorials

  5. Troo Kidd Avatar

    Hey Bucky – I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but another user seems to have compiled all of your XHTML and CSS tutorials into one huge video, and they're claiming it as their own. The user's name is Enoch and it's their only video. I flagged it 🙂

  6. Mike Van Haagen Avatar

    I appreciate the hard work you put in this channel, I am interested in coding and just started a day ago. I can already make a very simple site which excites me. Thank you so much for creating these tutorials. +sub

  7. Georsy Fils Avatar

    Dude, your typing skills are exceptional! And that poor girl omg! RIP

  8. Kevin Rigney Avatar

    Ten dollars he didnt get a text

  9. sonu mishra Avatar

    <br /> doesn't work on two header lines

  10. richard vargas Avatar

    OK if you disliked any of his videos you want the terrorist to win

  11. Spencer Majoka Avatar

    wen saving my index the page is going to explorer,how do i make it have a chrome icon

  12. Andrew Hargett Avatar

    Woah Bucky keep it PG

  13. AFTAB QURESHI Avatar

    oh man i just love your style the way u teach GOD bless u

  14. Lucas'sOtherBrother Avatar

    This was indeed the best tutroisl!

  15. Monica Wigand M. Avatar

    So much fun (Including your pop up commentaries)….

  16. ZhenYu Weng Avatar

    why did you add "/" in back of "br". I thought I can type <br> directly

  17. Zhou Avatar

    Makes me laugh so much, thanks!!

  18. jnashman123 Avatar

    Im literally gonna stop watching these from all the fucking wix commercials

  19. Ahmad Habib Avatar

    but i used break line as <br>
    that made the same thing whats the difference then..?

  20. Rosa Avatar

    Two brand new beautiful, beautiful, ***beautiful***** paragraphs

  21. Nahid Hassan Niloy Avatar

    whenever i open the browser the body is blank!
    don know whats wrong

  22. acube cube Avatar

    its pleasure learning with you

  23. Sinan Çetinkaya Avatar

    I can't get a job at Microsoft with this? Shit! 🙂

  24. sleepcol Avatar

    On mine when I start and end a paragraph with <p> on both sides the size is way bigger than the normal font

  25. Igor Petrovic Avatar

    Great and helpfull videos! Thanks!

  26. Mr Kacang Avatar

    1:19 And… a bunch of typos, Perfect!

  27. Raka Aditya Avatar

    I'm using sublime, and the minute I type "<br" it auto complete to <br>. Funny thing is both works the same

  28. Dheeraj Kumar Avatar

    Nice Bucky ……………….

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