XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 6 – Adding Links to our Webpage

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34 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 6 – Adding Links to our Webpage”


    hello veteran,pls can you send me your fb account details,i need to discuss something with you privately,very very urgent pls,i need your help

  2. Mehran Keshtiban Avatar

    what if we want to load a webpage in different file which is in another file of the linked one??

  3. ls p Avatar

    learning and laughing in each of his tutorial.
    really funny.
    thanks bucky

  4. Sri Ram Avatar

    Am I the only one wondering who are those 20 assholes who disliked this video?? I mean what is there to dislike he explained em in the coolest way possible.

  5. Your Mom Avatar

    Why can't your put "http://www.google.com" as opposed to http?

  6. romil raj Avatar

    you are a gift of god bucky..

  7. Himanshu bhuyan Avatar

    hello bucky its great video thanks for uploading it >
    but i want to ask tht u said in this video is tht u cn link folder too but u didnt expain it if u watching this pls explain it once thank you

  8. Cj Vaans Avatar

    I like his voice. Its clear and energetic. And also funny.

  9. Andres Franco Avatar

    So how do I continue to work on a website? Like how do I save the the notepad? When I can only save the website itself but can't edit it (index)

  10. Bryan Avatar

    Does he have any videos on programming for robotics?

  11. bayworth Avatar

    now this is a guy who keeps on holding his promises; you rock mate

  12. 3electroMan Avatar

    20 idiots who don't know what a link is 😀

  13. Rein Fir Avatar

    Could someone help? I'm trying to make a second webpage, like in the tutorial, but it doesn't seem to be working :/ The files from notepad++ are saved in the proper format, but not link to google chrome directly… is there anyway to change this? Instead of a google chrome symbol beside the files, it's just a blank white document image..

  14. adam jiang Avatar

    man u know everything about programming and u know how to teach, u r my idol.

  15. Mike Avatar

    I love all your videos man your a legend and a lifesaver helping me through college, love how you argue with yourself or potential arguments in the comments lol keep this channel going man its gold thank you from Dublin Ireland

  16. san kitty Avatar

    I put your link on the text ! Thank you very much for teaching us your the best <3

  17. Acegaming23 Avatar

    bucky im i stupid ? xD

  18. AJay Gupta Avatar

    Bucky you are awesome keep doing this!!

  19. Britnee Felton Avatar

    in the </> it doesn't even matter…

  20. Elizabeth Avatar

    You are the bomb, it took so long to understand my tutors notes on this but i understood this video completely !

  21. Yann Toole Avatar

    My name is Bucky and I am very F!@#$

  22. KD Productions Avatar

    how to open that link in a new window??? how to write the code for that???

  23. Jawad Ahmed Avatar

    a stands for anchor

  24. Dan Varlan Avatar

    Love your videos!

  25. zaba1997 Avatar

    Could you please tell me, how can you make that if you click on your title, it will bring you back on the index?

  26. jitendra sikarwar Avatar

    Amazing teaching skills.

    <h1> Bucky I don't need a teacher, I need a friend like you who is my great great teacher</h1>
    <strong> Vast teaching knowledge </strong>
    <em> great sense of humour </em> <br /> <em> Bucky I am Lucky</em>.

    <h2> <strong> Now dream is to meet you personally</strong> </h2>

  27. Brett Ericson Avatar

    "If you've never heard of a link before, then first of all, you're an idiot."

  28. Tejaswi Goel Avatar

    Awesome tutorials !!

  29. Linda Carroll Avatar

    You make it so easy to understand and follow. I am amazed at your teaching skills. Thank you so much!

  30. srivastava18 Avatar

    "If you've never heard about the link before,then you're an idiot..!!"
    Good one,Bucky!

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