XHTML Tutorial – 1 – Adding a title and body text to a webpage

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37 responses to “XHTML Tutorial – 1 – Adding a title and body text to a webpage”

  1. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    Is it difficult?

    Because i wanna learn bout web programming,but i only know languages that are not related to web programming at all

  2. Samuel Custer Avatar

    Yes, very possible. HTML is not programming; it is a markup language.

  3. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    Is it possible for me to learn HTML without having previous knowledge of web programming?

  4. Samuel Custer Avatar

    Hey guys, if you can't afford programs like Dreamweaver check out my channel. I'm creating a program where you can write code and see the changes in real-time! All for free, all you have to do is subscribe to my channel and you will have access to the program and all its future builds!

  5. Starkness1 Avatar

    Why didnt the Title show up, can someone explain that part to me plz.

  6. Don Carlos Avatar

    Mine just says whatever I type it says the tags on the page. Help!

  7. Dave Patheyjohns Avatar

    Sounds like he's real dossed up…man

    Give me a hit man. lol

  8. SolidSnake1104 Avatar

    Thanks man this makes a lot of sense and I understand it!!! 🙂

  9. xXEpicTomatoXx Avatar

    @xpl0ckx You're not supposed to. It's HTML. If all else fails MANUALLY make it a HTML file.

  10. CARZEL12 Avatar

    Bucky, I started the xhtml tut and I went to your web to get the 'Doctype' and I could not find it.
    Your website was different; Do I really need i t?

  11. Brian Holden Avatar

    u need to pump up your voice so we wouldnt fall asleep, with respect us

  12. SynforgeGames Avatar

    you sound tired

  13. RSFireworm999 Avatar

    He showed you in the beginning of the vid you can view the code from a website… just inspect the source and you'll see the code you need to copy at the beginning of your file so copy it from there… use your brains before whining next time. Can't blame him for updating his site o.O

  14. MarioModGuy Avatar

    we are watching your tutorials in my web design class in school!!! woot!!!!!!!!

  15. toallya Avatar

    people you can get it from w3school just type html

  16. Solrac97 Avatar

    Your videos are very motivational , thank you bucky.

  17. Dirty Bastard Avatar


    lol "Some other different stuff"

  18. Thet3 Avatar

    You make it easy thanx!!!

  19. glowingdarkmatter25 Avatar

    my nephew (15) is learning xhtml..out of jealousy I am too. He's not allowed on youtube though.So, ah! I love these videos. thanks.

  20. hacker8522000 Avatar

    bucky your a legend

  21. Zion Darvin Avatar

    @Victoroloco111 it's because you can rewind the things he says 🙂

  22. Jonathon Bel Avatar

    Bucky is a true youtube legend! Thanks so much for all you amazing tutorials!

  23. Rupert Lovejoy Avatar

    Im looking for more CSS tutorial, because there are only 8 ones.

  24. Jose Mayorquin Avatar

    I just tried to watch some elses xhtml tutorial and her voice was so annoying, your is easier to listen to

  25. Kurt Johnson Avatar

    @AveryPepper, I just typed it in old school.

  26. apt2b Avatar

    you trashed your site, so how are we supposed to get to the doctype code?

  27. chocolatechunk12 Avatar

    what program are you using?

  28. shadowxp5 Avatar

    @louis3976 you have to type your title then .htm or html…
    Ex. test.htm

  29. Wastefuldragon Avatar

    @daegg5 me niether

  30. Wastefuldragon Avatar

    your site is messed up

  31. markarls Avatar

    The Most Important Differences:
    * XHTML elements must be properly nested
    * XHTML elements must always be closed
    * XHTML elements must be in lowercase
    * XHTML documents must have one root element
    It forces you to write lighter code.

  32. Czubachowskii Avatar

    You suck dude, get out.. Thenewboston > you.

  33. Victoroloco111 Avatar

    bucky, i owe you one! i already follow(ed) your tutorials from adobe after effects, java, 3dmax, blender and lots more, just for my spare time. Now i'm learning html, xhtml and css in school, but the teacher sox. You can explain it better then my teacher! So i'm about to follow all your xhtml, html and css tutorials! Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  34. daegg5 Avatar

    hey i just went on you website and i cant get the info you told us to get

  35. dosuss3 Avatar

    ah thank you so much =)

  36. dosuss3 Avatar

    your website is down. can you paste the text that i need to copy and paste. Keep up the good work the Tutorials!!

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