XHTML Tutorial – Introduction

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50 responses to “XHTML Tutorial – Introduction”

  1. CodeCommand Avatar

    Omg… LOL look at youtube!

  2. LameGamerDude Avatar

    Its really good to see the difference between his old videos vs new videos! specially his way to talk! xD

  3. HYPED247 Avatar

    He became so much better.

  4. Quran Center Avatar

    0:01 – Legend was born <3

  5. Fhsley Woopers Avatar


  6. FreshLambKebab Avatar

    he sounds so stoned lmao

  7. Doug Beney Avatar

    First thenewboston video evar!!!

  8. Clare Stanley Avatar

    Excellent video! I am looking forward to doing all of them!

  9. Tapio Pelkonen Avatar

    1,000,000+ subscribers, Bucky! Congrats!

  10. TheCarWashChannel Avatar

    Even then he still made tutorials.

  11. noopoora Avatar

    it's kinda like watching history .just came here to watch oldest video of tnb ! 

  12. Neu paradigm Avatar

    Sounds like you are high xD

  13. The Young Turds Avatar

    where it all began ! 

  14. bignate Avatar

    Now its HTML 5

  15. Sam Kuzio Avatar

    Hahaha he opens the video by saying "HTML isn't going to be around much longer" then opens the source for YouTube, and it specifies an HTML doctype, not XHTML. Funny, how after 6 years, it's still an HTML doctype.

  16. sends2aaron Avatar

    It's interesting to comparing your delivery in this first video, with your most recent videos. It's gotten much smoother over the past six years.

  17. Arnas Ivanavičius Avatar

    first comment of the first video

  18. A Grand Angry Funk Avatar

    @2:00 "Something called a text editor." Because absolutely nobody knows what that is. (At least now in 2013.)

  19. CrypticGalaxy Avatar

    Thus a legend was born.

  20. Gamer Nick Avatar

    Who is watching in 2013, stand up the finger

  21. bbbwork0 Avatar

    You are my Mastermind , real Genius !!!

  22. erez csillag Avatar

    Thumbs up if you watch this because It is First Video!

  23. Machíne Avatar

    You sound so depressing in this video compared to your newer vids. So weird x)

  24. Sherie Dickerson Avatar

    I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your video. I checked out your website as you suggested, and am at an awe! I have payed thousands of dollars to mentors who have wanted me to shell out more money to just get another nugget of information. It has been a frustrating ride for me. Most of what I know is from reading books, youtubing, and google searches. Your about page resonated with me so much! I am so excited to get started with your tutorials. You are definitely a blessing!

  25. Jacob Ganzer Avatar

    Even more then now!

  26. Matias Jensen Avatar

    I dont like ads too, but the layout is infinitely better than before.

  27. Drakoak Avatar

    No most people just don't like the ads and VEVO, all youtube care about since Google bought them out is money, not the users.

  28. Matias Jensen Avatar

    I really dont get why people hate the new youtube. I just think people are too indoctrinated for any kind of change.

  29. Drakoak Avatar

    I never thought I'd hear someone say they like the new youtube. Most people hate it.

  30. Matias Jensen Avatar

    you miss it! wow, never thought anyone say that in my entire life

  31. GamingHellBlazer Avatar

    This is the youtube i used to remember i really miss it actually

  32. Matias Jensen Avatar

    the old youtube, windows and IE… It was really ugly

  33. Cal Stephens Avatar


  34. MechanicalHeart Avatar

    Old Youtube
    i'll be missing u

  35. MarkMark Avatar

    Dude, you're my new favorite channel!

  36. Arthur Hadley Avatar

    LOL @nigahiga xD
    at 0:58

  37. Emil TheRebel Avatar

    Even hes first videos, were usefull

  38. FFWDEntertainment Avatar

    Lol Bucky sounds all depressed in this tut, I feel for me though . After learning java ,Android and Php it's depressing Going ack to this boring stuff :p

  39. newtechnologies5 Avatar

    good tutorials.
    helped me make my own website.

  40. loko95ftp Avatar

    dude what happned to the wxpython tutorials you left me at 14 i can do appliction but they do nothing come on man keep it up!!

  41. eu Avatar

    He needs coffee and to open his mouth a little bit more.

  42. max snijders Avatar

    power to you?????? WTF!!!

  43. snapsnapdik Avatar

    Your website looks so much better now 😛

  44. Lars-Åke Chesburg Avatar

    @StikFig1 this was the beginning of 08 moron.

  45. Giacomo Casanova Avatar

    @thenewboston: switch to Firefox

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