XML Video Tutorial 7

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Here I end my XML Video tutorial by covering complex types, sequence, groups, and a ton more! I also show you how to design schemas and XML files using the Eclipse design tools.






24 responses to “XML Video Tutorial 7”

  1. Philipps Flor Avatar

    Fantastic tutorials !!! More power to u Derek…

  2. Soumen Sinha Avatar

    cool video, keep up the good job

  3. Zee Shan Avatar

    this was the best tutorial i found in youtube for xml schema…good job bro..and thank you

  4. Katherine Morrison Avatar

    Am a bit confused about the nttbp:.  Is that a file name or reference?  Thank you, the tutorials are wonderful.

  5. Nikita Yepez Avatar

    excuseme???…Sorry friend, why talk so fast? your intention is for people to learn? or confused? 
    I've tried to understand you, it shows you know the area much .. but, as to teach those who do not know .. does not help your tutorial … remember you are on the Internet, and the tutorials you post, it will people from various countries .. I hope you consider this detail, Greetings!

  6. TheRoxas13th Avatar

    Ahh Finally, i can advance to the next java tutorial XD

  7. Jeff Al-Azzawe Avatar

    No need to begin every single one of your videos with: "Wull Hullo Internet!"

    Annoying, but a very helpful tutorial. I will be the next Bill Gates due to your help.

  8. aysikl Avatar

    nvm, fixed it by c&p and remaking and reloading the file… 🙂

    mumble mumble when i click the design tab the elements and types frames aren't populated with anything :/

  9. lansingx Avatar

    anybody know any four advantages of relax ng over the dtd and schemas?

  10. Derek Banas Avatar

    Are you referring to a IdentityHashMap?

  11. Reem Ibrahim Avatar

    hi, i have an example of IHM written in swing can i change it into xml and then DTD?How?
    the prof in my class gave it to us and i am very lost!!

  12. Solitaryhowl Avatar

    So xs: SimpleType name="blah" and xs: ComplexType name="blah" aren't anonymous while if we do
    xs: Element name="blah"
    xs: ComplexType
    .. this is anonymous? What's the point of having it anonymous? thanks!

    Also, I read that "all" means "All the elements in the group may appear once or not at all, and they may appear in any order" so does that mean they can't appear more than once? So you set the minOccurs to 1 because you want them to definitely occur exactly once.. but in any order?

  13. Derek Banas Avatar

    Great I'm glad I could help 🙂 I try to heavily comment everything so it makes more sense. I also will add to the comments if I notice people are having trouble with how I explained something in the video. Since I can't edit the video that seems to work for everyone better.

  14. Kaustubh Deshmukh Avatar

    Code was useful , Thanx !!!

  15. Derek Banas Avatar

    It may be best to look at the code I provide in the descriptions for each video. I go into a great deal of detail in the code provided

  16. Kaustubh Deshmukh Avatar

    Also can you suggest when should we create elements instead of types n vice versa?

  17. Kaustubh Deshmukh Avatar

    Sorry, but this time I'm little disappointed !!! I viewed all the videos and I have some doubts in most of the videos and I felt that there were some things you missed out !!! Still you are a good teacher n techie … Thanks for your work !!!

  18. Kaustubh Deshmukh Avatar

    Tutorial is good !!! But you dint explain the stuff like the difference between type n element as both of them are used interchangeably !!! Moreover when we created XML from XSD it had few entries at the top like XSI_Instance n all, I thought you will explain that!!! I also had one question from where do the XSD get its standard type defs I know its XS:Schema w3.org/2001/XMLSchema but how do it validates the types? I sometomes feel that you try to smack lots of stuff at once .

  19. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂 I'm glad I was able to help

  20. Alex McMahan Avatar

    Great videos Derek! With no background using XML I watched the tutorials you have on here and feel pretty confident I can understand, and write this WSDL I need to interface with Quickbooks. Really appreciate your work. Thanks!

  21. Derek Banas Avatar

    This tutorial may help as well newthinktank. com/2010/10/study-methods-video/

  22. Derek Banas Avatar

    I think the mistake people make is that they try to memorize everything. When I first started out I used a ton of cheat sheets. I'd print out on as few pages as possible the most commonly used functions and their attributes and refer to it as needed. Over time I just remembered a lot of it. I have tried to make that to a certain extent with the code I provide. I also mastered on language at a time. After you learn one language well the rest are easy.

  23. Sandeep Reddy Avatar

    Dear Derek Banas,
    How do you learn so many programming languages. Me and most of my friends are stuck up with only one programming language. Is there any trick or secrete to learn as many as programming languages ?

  24. Derek Banas Avatar

    Thank you very much 🙂 I guess that is what makes me different from the rest. I pack as much content as possible into every video in the shortest period of time. I'm glad you enjoy the style

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