After Effects Tutorial – 29 – Shadows

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19 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – 29 – Shadows”

  1. penguinYT1 Avatar

    Your tutorials are just the right length and cover just the right amount of information.  Thanks for taking the time to make them.

  2. Anna Głodek Avatar

    theres one problem… I dont have a bucky layer…
    XD C:

  3. Alibek Kulseitov Avatar

    do u switch the footage to 3D?

  4. Bhavna Bhen Avatar

    I have done everything step by step and still do not have a shadow! 🙁 Please tell me, What could be wrong? Thank you

  5. CJ Avatar

    i like ur einstein poster

  6. black4083 Avatar

    Thx, good job

  7. Tal Moore Avatar

    To make the shadow more realistic you need to make the shadow follow the lines of perspective. One obvious way to do that would be to rotoscope yourself out and put yourself in a layer between the letters and the room. Then the shadows that fall on the room behind you would be bigger and more diffused like they would in a real 3D environment.

  8. Godwin Isaac Avatar

    I'm new to Adobe After Effect & your tutorial is really helpful to me. Please advice me on the positive steps to take and become perfect like you. I want to create an after Effect mortgage

  9. thisisroll Avatar

    No he says loit. ;D

  10. qoaa Avatar

    Sammy the Sausage for president!

  11. Elwyn Reynolds Avatar

    Brilliant as ever Bucky, thank you.

  12. Prashant M Avatar

    how create text transparency photoshop ple tell me

  13. VIDEO&MUSICEditor Avatar

    hello, i'm trying to find out how to cast a airplane shadow on a building when is appearing from behind the building, thank you.

  14. ray0991 Avatar

    thanks. your videos are great

  15. Shovelware Avatar

    I miss Charly the Chupacabra and the Sausage dude. XD

  16. Stepper Avatar

    Mmmm. Je toon is niet echt de beste.

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