Game Maker Tutorial – Cheat Codes

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Game Maker Tutorial Cheat Codes

In this video we look at creating cheat codes so when your player gets bored with your game or finishes the story then let them access some cheat codes! If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, favorite and maybe even a share.

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21 responses to “Game Maker Tutorial – Cheat Codes”

  1. Zero/One Avatar

    How can i make it so it creates an object right where my player is?

  2. Artalasky CG - Создание инди игр Avatar

    When cheat-code screen appears, game comes out from fullscreen mode. How solve this problem?

    Thanx for tut

  3. freak gamer Avatar

    what whas the full script code?

  4. Wither Games Avatar

    how can i play sound with cheat??? 

    cheat = get_string("Enter Cheat Code","Here!")
          if cheat = "song1"
           sound_play = sound0
          else if cheat = "stop song1"
          sound_stop = sound0

    It says that i can't use sound_play/sound_stop , but how than can i play sound???

  5. Davi Z Avatar

    when I try, the game freezes, and no box appears… weird

  6. CreHx Gamer Avatar

    looking for cheats that have no message box.
    please help?
    like i just type in life and it will gimme 9 live
    i do not like this message box cheat.
    it's an excellent tut !

  7. Gautier Nuez Avatar

    comment remplacer un objet par le cheaté ??
    changeinstance (obj_burger,obj_burger_cheat) ?

  8. GemseLiebhaber Avatar

    It doesn't work :(. It always says:
    action number 1
    of  Step Event
    for object cheat:

    COMPILATION ERROR in code action.
    Error in code at line 3:
       cheat = get_string("Please Enter a Cheat Code","Enter a cheat here!")

    at position 7: Variable name expected.

  9. colaros van der maade Avatar

    what if i want to go to  a diffrent room in stet of a next room
    war is de code then ?

  10. Tero Piipponen Games Avatar

    Why won't you go look out for a code for going to next room.
    if cheat = "insert cheat code here"

  11. CT Center Avatar

    oh it doesn't work for version 1

  12. 27yoo1 Avatar

    its also works with keyboard_string?
    im trying to do that with keyboard_string and this not working

  13. CT Center Avatar

    cn you help me, my line 5 isn't working, heres my script.
    if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)
    cheat = get_string("speech engine","ENTER speech HERE")
    if cheat = "Medik!"
    health += 50
    else if cheat = "DecentPay"
    score += 10
    else if cheat = "TheNeedForSpeed"
    speed += 10
    else if cheat = "TheMysteryBoxReturns!!!"

  14. CT Center Avatar

    do you have to put the object in every room for it to work in every room?

  15. RealTutsGML Avatar

    with(object_want_destroyed) instance_destroy();

  16. Ridge Wilkins Avatar

    Youngblood, in the if section you would do something like
    if cheat = ammo
    ammo += amount

  17. Ridge Wilkins Avatar

    Hey Mate, great video just wondering if you would able to do this using Switches instead of if and else?

  18. Connor Youngblood Avatar

    how do you increase ammo with cheat ??? Please respond quick as possible

  19. royroiit Avatar

    your tutorials are awesome

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