Introduction to Physics – Lesson 6 – Division in Scientific Notation

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29 responses to “Introduction to Physics – Lesson 6 – Division in Scientific Notation”

  1. Tamanna Thakur Avatar

    Thankyou so much for these videos!

  2. Feigsfar Avatar

    If the teacher was hot then yes 😛

  3. Mohammad Khan Avatar

    Omg thaks and lmao about the teacher thing my frickiing physic teacher is German and has an accenrbi don't understand a thing

  4. dreamless1234 Avatar

    this math is so easy lol

  5. Inumina Sagashi Avatar

    that's exactly what i'm doing for 9th grade right now awesome

  6. Trevor Mendez Avatar

    5:54 lmfao that creepy moment

  7. Derpy Avatar

    I have a thunderstorm going on outside as well! 😀

  8. roy shieh Avatar

    did anyone die in the car crash?????

  9. PHALANX Avatar

    @thenewboston I've seen all your videos up to this point and have decided to subscribe. You've made scientific notation easy to understand. I look forward to the actual physics now. With your teaching I will be able to finally acomplish my dream: the creation of the Arc Reactor.

  10. BRIELLEbrilleBRIELLE Avatar

    where can i find a video that has four sets of numbers

  11. HM Avatar

    dude i wish you were my teacher in school 🙂

  12. HM Avatar

    dude this is pretty good me like it 😀

  13. Chris McCron Avatar

    Thanks again. Really good stuff mate. I am looking forward to making my way through these videos. You got me to subscribe so I'm in.

  14. mlg Avatar

    @Chester908 lol wtf? o_O =P

  15. dd410 Avatar

    more random talking pls !

  16. EnviableTag Avatar

    love these tuts

  17. digit432 Avatar

    its also called "standard form" which i think is what u were trying to say 🙂

  18. Skippo Avatar

    cool beans.. going into 9th grade this year and ill be ahead of the class already 😀

  19. Chester908 Avatar

    if u were the teacher, i'd see u after class. (;

  20. Trifecta Avatar

    Bucky, after finishing the basics, i suggest you to start with the Units (S.I or imperial) used, Direct and Inverse proportions, then forces (W=mg), then moments (moment=F*d), Density ( ρ=m/V),States of mater, Preassure (p=F/A) (P= ρgh), Hooke's Law, Stability, Energies and so on… These are the basics that i learned in the first year of physics. If you need any help message me, got a huge file full of notes, maybe i could help

  21. jamesbond0096 Avatar

    5:09 three point four seven = 3.43 weird… 😀

  22. Rikirie Avatar

    @SuperAvailable123 e = 10^ so e6 = 10^6

  23. Vibol Lee Avatar

    you should make a tutorial of how to divide by zero cuz you're probably the only one in the world who can do that

  24. thenewboston Avatar

    @varun009 sweet, glad I could help!

  25. varun009 Avatar

    thanks! im going back to school soon for 11th grade and i have to prepare now so that i have more free time later.

  26. xToxicInferno Avatar

    wow…3 comments (not counting mine) and we already have insulting comments. Great job guys.

  27. varun009 Avatar

    @metfankrizz go away queer.

  28. Morcous Wahba Avatar

    0 views… does that mean I'm first to watch? 😀

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