Python Programming Tutorial – 31 – Tuples as Parameters

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25 responses to “Python Programming Tutorial – 31 – Tuples as Parameters”

  1. Ajay Yadav Avatar

    why we are using * at example (*tuna). ? there is no * in function

  2. Damien Di Vittorio Avatar

    thanks man this video filled in a lot of holes in understanding so much of the python documentation!

  3. Cosmik Corporation Avatar

    mom and dad were passed to example 2 but dad:… mom:… was returned, what is the return order??

  4. nikhil kumar Avatar

    what a business strategy MR.Bucky u are making small timed videos and such multiple videos and hence increasing number of views for explaining the same concept and hence increasing u r view count individually for every of u r small video!!!

  5. Jagat chaitanya prabhala Avatar

    def example2(a):
         print a


    this program also is printing dictionary…i dont understand significance of ** in this case


    why is it always the second element is printed before first

  7. Smackindaface Avatar

    why not just print bacon?

  8. Jugglerclown Avatar

    for me it's much easier to define a dictionary with:
     b = dict (mom=42,dad=44,bro=21)
    btw thanks for the tutorials 🙂

  9. kshitij shekhar Avatar

    MAN 12 TIMES THREE ISN'T 26!!!!

  10. Josefine J Avatar

    From naming my function 'ice cream' I learned that python does not take any spaces in a function name…. because cream was obviously an error and should be marked with red.

  11. Nick H Avatar

    @shani_caspi PEMDAS is the order of operations taught in math.

  12. Luke Cunningham Avatar

    @LcTricker, If a function returns a value, then you can have a variable receive that value, like this:

    >>> def Example_Function():

    >>> x = Example_Function()
    >>> x

    Hope that helps.

  13. Tee Vice Avatar

    Mr. Choudhury, you're a funny guy.

  14. Cas Van Veen Avatar

    1. Basic maths, almost everyone knows
    2. (Includes point 1) 5+7=12

  15. Darksource Avatar

    It looks like someone had been watching pewdiepie too long. O.o

  16. Kostas Nikolouts Avatar

    I dont understund what return doing??

    Can someone explain me ?

  17. steamroller12345 Avatar

    You should try Bucky's go cart building videos
    Maybe you will be able to beat red bull in f1

  18. Videoorchard Avatar

    we can follow the same synatx/procedure to pass dictionary n list.

    def myname(*list1):



  19. DragonDePlatino Avatar

    Wow…these tutorials are actually getting quite easy! Every time I've been asked to do something, I always work it a step further and get it right, stuff like knowing tp type example2(**bacon) to execute the program…It really feels like I'm learning something. 😀

  20. Reshurum Avatar

    Bucky no learn pemdas? ;p

  21. Clint Weathers Avatar

    3 people couldn't get roasted and toasted.

  22. Edis Mehmedovic Avatar

    I dunno 😛 .. But I think you need to know alot about TCP/IP rite? ..sorry i am kind of a noob.. been motivated by anonymous since 14 of jan. 😛

  23. Edis Mehmedovic Avatar

    Or you just learn the traffic.. and then later learn how to manipulate by using your knowlege and exp. 😛

  24. Edis Mehmedovic Avatar

    Do you learn traffic manipulation in TCP/IP ? ..

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